Still Subject To Ideas, Funds, Technology

- Nov 01, 2018-

Still subject to ideas, funds, technology

Despite the huge market potential, Zheng Tan said that the transformation and promotion of high-efficiency energy-saving motors are still facing many difficulties.

“Enterprises lack systemic energy efficiency awareness, lack of motivation to change, lack of funds for energy-saving retrofits, lack of systematic effective measurement and implementation tools, and lack of competent engineers to carry out specific work, etc.” Zheng Tan told reporters, “Motor system energy efficiency improvement work” It involves a wide range of issues, and it requires a lot of collaboration and continuous efforts to get better results."

“In response to the global climate change, the industrial sector is faced with three major constraints on total energy, environmental capacity and total carbon emissions. How to promote industrial green transformation to achieve a win-win situation for economic and environmental benefits is a need system Thinking, constantly innovating, and solving problems through practice,” said Lu Lunyan, director of the World Wide Fund for Climate and Energy Program.

Xue Feng, director of the Zhenjiang Economic and Trade Commission, said frankly: "Some enterprises are energy-saving, green development is subject to concepts, technology and capital. We look forward to working with the World Wide Fund for Nature to break through the difficulties, create highlights, and provide new ideas for the green development of enterprises. New power and new methods."

The project specially held the first motor energy efficiency improvement training, shared national and local motor energy efficiency improvement policies with more than 20 key energy-using enterprises, introduced the theory and technology of motor energy efficiency improvement, and conducted research on effective financing models and cases.

After listening to the two-day training course, Xing Yiyi of Aili Aluminum felt that he had benefited a lot. He told reporters that "the transformation and application of high-efficiency motors is a system engineering, and will continue to transform the company's high-energy-consuming motors in the future, and hope that the government can recommend good products."

According to Lu Lunyan, the projects of the World Wide Fund for Nature and Zhenjiang City Economic and Information Committee will summarize the energy-saving practice modes of industrial motor systems through special research, capacity building, pilot demonstrations, etc., and carry out large-scale promotion.

"In terms of volume, industrial energy conservation and emission reduction and industrial structure upgrading have greatly affected the success or failure of China and the world in dealing with climate change. We believe that in certain regions and industries, the applicable mechanisms should be explored, publicized and Scale promotion can accelerate industrial transformation," Lu Lunyan said.

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