STMicroelectronics' Advanced Motor Control Chips Make Automation Systems Smaller

- Nov 28, 2018-

STMicroelectronics' Advanced Motor Control Chips Make Automation Systems Smaller

Advanced laboratory automation systems featuring precision and space savings are helping medical centers cut clinical trial costs, shorten lab report turnaround times, and provide high-quality care for more patients, while industrial robots such as 3D printers have recently The year has greatly improved accuracy and throughput. 3D printers can print complex shapes quickly and accurately, and the price becomes more and more intimate, suitable for the development process from prototyping to manufacturing for consumer and professional products.

ST's STSPIN820IC enables the next generation of stepper-based robots to run smoother, quieter, smaller, more accurate, and lower power. With its high-speed input and precise microstepping algorithm, this chip allows the motor rotor to rotate a small number of degrees, making the print head move faster than 500mm / s, its sub-micron accuracy makes printing speed very fast, the printing surface is very Smooth and control of highly accurate motion, such as sample loading, encapsulation/opening, and access in next-generation clinical automation systems. With this driver chip, other medical devices, such as flat robot handling systems, liquid pumps, blood analyzers, and ventilators, can be made quieter, more compact, and more economical.

Only 4mmx4mm in size, built-in control algorithm for motor control and fully functional power devices (rated at 45V and 500m? RDS(ON)), the world's smallest all-in-one high-precision motor controller, automation equipment The manufacturer can directly place it on the control circuit board, and complete system design requires few additional components. Therefore, this motor driver chip saves board space and improves system reliability.

Domenico Arrigo, General Manager of STMicroelectronics Industries and Power Conversion Products, said: STSPIN820 can help innovators in the field of precision automation control to continuously improve products. In addition, high precision, small size and low power consumption can help other equipment manufacturers simplify high precision motor control. Designs, for example, textile machines, sewing machines, security monitoring equipment, money counters, office automation, home automation, point-of-sale equipment (POS). ”

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