Successful Trial Operation Of The World's Largest Single-flow Capacity Tubular Generator

- Oct 23, 2018-

Brazil Jereh Power Station Dam

Recently, the reporter learned from Dongfang Electric Group that the world's largest single-capacity tubular turbine generator set by Dongfang Electric Group Dongfang Motor Co., Ltd. - the first unit of Brazil JIRAU (Jerry) left bank power station successfully completed debugging And trial operation, the handover power plant was officially put into commercial operation. The unit is also the first of the 50 units of the Jereh Power Station in Brazil. It marks the bloom of the Dongfang Electric Group's hydropower flower in the South American continent.

In the global environment facing the financial crisis and economic slowdown, Dongfang Electric, as the first Chinese power generation equipment supplier to participate in the Brazilian hydropower project, demonstrates the strong competitiveness of China's power generation equipment manufacturing enterprises. The Jereh Power Station in Brazil is the world's largest single-flow hydroelectric generating unit with the largest single-unit capacity. It is also the largest exporting hydropower unit with the largest number of export units in China's hydropower industry. At the same time, Jerry Project is also the first self-operated export project in the history of Dongfang Motor. Through the independent execution and operation of the project, Dongfang Electric has technology R&D, manufacturing and equipment delivery, quality control, and integrated management and project execution capabilities. It has been greatly improved and laid a good foundation for further development of the global power generation equipment market in the future.

In recent years, Dongfang Electric has continuously developed the market for research and development of tubular hydropower units. At the same time of establishing a technical R&D team, it has established a tubular test bench with international advanced level. Major breakthroughs have been made in the development of core technologies for low-head, high-flow axial-flow and tubular units. Successfully developed a large-scale tubular turbine generator set of 30,000 megawatts of Hongyanzi, which filled the blank of China's own design and manufacture of large-scale tubular turbine generators; successfully developed the largest single-capacity bridged power station in China with a total capacity of 57,000 kilowatts. The hydro-generator unit; the 75,000-kilowatt unit of the Brazilian Jerui Hydropower Station, which has been put into commercial operation, has become the world's largest single-flow hydroelectric generating unit with single unit capacity, and promotes the Dongfang motor in the ultra-large bulb tubular hydro-generator. The design and manufacturing fields of the unit have reached the world advanced level.

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