Summary Of New Energy Vehicle Drive Electronic Control Industry

- Nov 23, 2018-

Summary of New Energy Vehicle Drive Electronic Control Industry

Under the support of the state's policy of vigorously promoting the development of new energy vehicles, the entire new energy vehicle industry has shown a booming trend. As the largest market for new energy vehicles, Chinese companies rely on new energy vehicles for the first time to stand at the same starting line with foreign companies, and the driving motor control technology, which is an important component of new energy vehicles, also determines the future development of new energy vehicles. The breadth and breadth of its importance are self-evident.

First of all, the motor controller can make the motor more widely used, with higher output efficiency and less noise. The principle is mainly to control the motor to work according to the set direction, speed, angle, response time, etc. through the active work of the integrated circuit. Its cost accounts for about 9.5% of new energy vehicles, which is twice that of drive motors.

Motor controller is the power conversion unit for connecting battery and motor in new energy vehicles. The importance is self-evident. It can be said that it is the core of motor drive and control system. Its key technologies mainly include power semiconductor modules and motor control algorithms.

As the core component of the motor controller, the power device accounts for the majority of the entire controller, while the high-frequency, full-control type is the development trend of power semiconductor devices.

At present, power semiconductor modules mainly use IGBT modules, which are modular semiconductor products that are packaged by IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor chip) and FWD (freewheeling diode chip) through a specific circuit bridge. As can be seen from the above figure, European and American companies and Japanese companies, with high product quality and leading technology, occupy an absolute position in the IGBT market and are also the main suppliers of China's IGBT market.

However, with the stimulation of the market and the support of national policies, a number of IGBT companies have emerged in China and have achieved certain results. For example, CRRC Times Electric acquired Dynex with 50 years of power device R&D history; BAIC New Energy and CRRC's Era Electric signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Zhuzhou; Shenzhen BYD and Shanghai Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed a strategic alliance agreement Together, we will build an IGBT domestic industrial chain. It can be seen that the localization of IGBT is a major trend in the future.

As a core component of the drive system, the motor controller will move toward high performance and low cost in the future. In addition, with the popularity of the global new energy vehicle market, the electronic control market for new energy vehicles has also increased. According to forecasts, the global motor controller can reach 8 billion US dollars.

Motor and electronic control integrated supply is the development trend

We found that from the perspective of the electronic control package, most of the electronic control suppliers in the OEM are consistent with the motor suppliers. This is because the motor and the electronic control need to be efficiently matched. Therefore, the integration of motor electronic control is an inevitable trend of new energy vehicles.

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