Summer Generator Set Price Increased Slightly

- Oct 28, 2018-

Summer generator set price increased slightly

The price of generator sets began to rise in July each summer. The reasons for the increase in generator price are manifold. A very important factor, we have to "make money"

First, the rise in the price of the generator set is also a normal phenomenon in the price cycle of the generator set. Price theory says that prices in various industries are cyclical. There are peaks and valleys. In the 2nd and 3rd months after the Spring Festival, the price of generator sets has been at a low level due to many factors such as low sales volume. It is inevitable that it will rise again in the middle of the year.

Second, because of the hot summers, the labor costs of generator sets have increased significantly. In addition to normal wages, there is also a cooling fee and related post-costs. These are all inseparable from money. It is also natural for generators to rise in price.

Third, today's summer is extremely hot, the demand for generator sets has soared, and the existing production capacity of generator sets has been maximized. With a certain amount of generators, demand will increase and generator prices will definitely rise.

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