Supporting The Rapid Development Of China's Distributed Energy Market

- Nov 12, 2018-

Supporting the rapid development of China's distributed energy market

• Professional project management services ensure stable operation of equipment

Recently, Siemens and Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. obtained a long-term maintenance service contract (LTP) from Kunshan GCL Blue Sky Distributed Energy Co., Ltd. under the GCL Group, which is the company's two Siemens SGT-800 gas turbines. Provide long-term service for up to 12 years. The scope of the contract includes planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance, spare parts, technical support, remote diagnosis, project management, and a series of performance guarantees for gas turbine generator sets. The project is the first industrial gas turbine long service order received by Siemens in China.

“It is a breakthrough success for us to be able to obtain the first industrial gas turbine long service contract.” Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President and General Manager of Power Generation Services Asia, Roc said, “Siemen Power Generation The service group will take this opportunity to continue to promote the localization strategy, provide more flexible service products for Chinese users, and help the rapid development of China's distributed energy market."

Siemens provided two SGT-800 gas turbine generator sets for the Kunshan GCL blue sky distributed energy project. The Hangzhou Steam Turbine provides steam turbine generator sets and other auxiliary equipment. After the completion of the 160 MW total installed capacity, it will replace the existing ones. The coal-fired thermal power unit of Kunshan Xinyuan Thermal Power Plant and the small boiler in the area are concentrated power supply, heating and cooling for the Kunshan High-tech Development Zone. The distributed energy project will maximize energy use and reduce emissions, thereby dramatically improving the environment in the region. The first unit is expected to be commissioned in September 2017. Siemens' professional project management team will perform remote analysis and diagnosis of the gas turbine operating data of the Kunshan project to help customers ensure that the equipment is operating in the most stable state. In addition, in an emergency, Siemens' emergency spare parts and tool libraries in China can solve problems in the field as quickly as possible, solve problems for users and eliminate potential hidden dangers.

The long-term maintenance service project is one of the core service projects provided by Siemens Power Generation Services to provide customers with highly flexible maintenance services while ensuring maximum operational efficiency and availability of the plant. The long-term maintenance service program also ensures the highest operational performance and minimizes operational risks within the agreed services, thus significantly reducing the risk management costs of customers.

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