Synchronous Motor In The Maintenance Of The Basic Requirements

- Jun 26, 2017-

The use of mechanical equipment products, maintenance is necessary to do a good job on the one hand, only the equipment is well maintained in order to be able to function reliability and service life to get better protection. For example, when you use the synchronous motor, you need to clear the following basic requirements, in order to do the motor maintenance work, to be able to ensure that the motor has been normal function at the same time, but also to a certain extent to extend the life of the motor:

First, the use of the environment should always be kept dry. Synchronous motor is not suitable for humid environment, when the water is soaked when the damage, so the maintenance of the motor, the most basic is to ask you to ensure that the use of the environment in a dry state, to avoid moisture and too wet air on the motor damage.

Second, the motor surface should be kept clean. Although the housing structure of the synchronous motor structure to protect its main structure, can use the shell to avoid external debris into the internal, but if the motor long exposure to dirty environment, the surface is too much dust, but also easy to dust into Internal, thus affecting the normal operation and use of the motor. So in the maintenance of the motor, requiring attention to keep the motor surface has been in a clean state.

Third, to ensure that the motor inlet should not be affected by dust, fiber and other obstacles. In order to avoid the abnormal temperature rise of the synchronous motor, because the temperature is too high lead to damage related to the structure, requiring everyone in the maintenance, pay attention to ensure that the motor air inlet without dust and fiber substances such as obstacles.

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