System Solution On Composite Hose Machine

- Nov 07, 2018-

System solution on composite hose machine

I. Introduction

The composite hose is a special packaging container that plays an important role in the packaging field. The so-called composite hose is a cylindrical packaging container made of flexible material. After folding and sealing, it forms a tube barrel and one end is equipped with a nozzle. After extrusion, the contents are extruded from the nozzle, and the life is like toothpaste. .

Composite hoses can be used in applications such as expensive, high temperature, flammable, explosive, corrosive, environmentally polluting liquid gases, etc., or in the case of corrosive sulfuric acid, nitric acid, flammable and explosive solvents, etc. Excellent performance.

The composite hose is made of a multi-layer, multi-layer sealing structure. It is still resistant to cracking and leakage in the harshest environments. It does not burst suddenly and can easily handle gasoline, diesel, crude oil, and various chemical liquids. Transmission work, even in cold weather, can maintain high flexibility. Light weight, toughness, easy handling, soft body, flexible use, high temperature resistance, low temperature, anti-aging, no deformation, corrosion resistance, bare inner spiral metal and special inner layer, with reliable static dissipation performance.

Aluminum-plastic composite hoses are widely used in the packaging of toothpaste, jam, pigment, shoe polish, food, adhesive, milk, jam, flavoring paste, cosmetics, adhesives, shoe polish, pigments and hair dyes.

Second, the introduction of composite pipe machine

The composite hose pipe making machine takes aluminum-plastic composite sheet and all-plastic composite sheet as raw materials, and cuts the flat strip material after cutting and adopts high-frequency welding technology to make composite hose of various specifications. For use in daily life, such as toothpaste, facial cleanser, etc.

Related equipments are: plastic pipe drawing machine, automatic shoulder machine, printing machine, special-shaped filling and sealing machine, aluminum-plastic pipe, vacuum paste machine, homogenizing emulsifier, etc. to form a whole production line , can be divided into: printing -> slitting -> tube -> shoulder -> vacuum paste -> filling and sealing -> packaging and other processes.

Among them, the pipe making machine is an important part of the production. It will unwind after printing the strip material -> trimming -> flanging forming -> high frequency welding -> cooling -> traction -> chasing and cutting to form semi-finished products process.

Pipe machine control requirements:

1) The product weld is straight and firm;

2) When the color standard is cut off accurately, the length error of the fixed length is within 1mm;

3) speed 150PCS/min;

4) The end surface of the slit is flat and free of burrs

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