Tens Of Billions Of Companies Are Ready To Go. Inge Electric Is The First To Move To Industry 4.0

- Nov 06, 2018-

Tens of billions of companies are ready to go. Inge Electric is the first to move to Industry 4.0

In January last year, Yingge (Yangjiang) Electric Co., Ltd., located in Baisha Street, Jiangcheng District, was declared fully operational. In the past year, Yingge Electric has been steadily advancing on the road of technology research and development and market expansion, and the goal of leading enterprises in Yangjiang advanced equipment manufacturing industry is getting closer and closer.

Domestic and foreign sales from 7:3 to 3:7

Yingge Electric, which mainly produces small and medium-sized three-phase synchronous generators, is a joint venture invested by Hong Kong Yingge Investment Co., Ltd., which was originally operated in Guangzhou Huadu for more than 20 years and has grown into a domestic small and medium-sized generator. Gezhouba Heavy Industry, Jiangsu Xingguang, Guangzhou Weineng, Shanghai Yinpeng and other well-known domestic enterprises have always been the buyers of Yingge Company, and the ratio of internal and external sales of products is 7:3.

In response to the call for provincial industrial transfer, Yingge Electric moved from Guangzhou to Yangjiang. Transfer is not a simple relocation. Yingge Electric is determined to take this opportunity to achieve the subversion of the market structure. On the basis of consolidating the domestic civilian market and expanding the domestic system market, the ratio of domestic and foreign sales is adjusted to 3:7. “Because the capacity of the three-phase motor international market is at least 10 times that of the domestic market,” explains Peng Zhibin, the company's director and deputy general manager.

From 7:3 to 3:7, in order to achieve this change in value, Yingge Electric has expanded its production capacity by using the relocation machine to build the world's largest single professional generator production base, and with the international top 500 such as Caterpillar. Signed a contract and became a long-term supplier, laying a solid foundation for expanding export sales.

Subversion of horizontal axis wind power technology

There is no gold steel drill that can't take porcelain. Moving from Guangzhou to Yangjiang, it has become a long-term supplier of three-phase motors for the world's top 500. Inge Electric's change is not only the multiplication of production capacity, but also the leap-forward progress of technology. They not only built a standard heavy industrial plant, but also adopted the most advanced production equipment and industrial systems based on CNC automation in the industry, thus obtaining the cooperation evaluation of international giants. The development direction of Yingge Electric is to enter a new era of intelligent manufacturing and industry 4.0.

More exciting than smart manufacturing, Inge Electric has achieved a major disruptive technological innovation – the first in the field of cutting-edge technology to conduct research on high-altitude wind power, becoming the only company in the world to master vertical axis wind turbine technology. And applied for more than 100 international and Chinese patents. At present, the 2 MW high-power vertical-axis wind turbine has entered the final stage of installation. The larger power of 6 MW and 10 MW has entered the overall design. It is expected to complete the first manufacturing and push in June and October of this year respectively. To the market.

Tens of billions of companies are ready to go

“The annual sales target of three-phase motors is 3 billion yuan, and that of vertical wind turbines is 10 billion yuan.” Peng Zhibin is full of confidence in the development prospects of Yingge Electric. She said that three-phase motors are expanding from the civilian market to the system market in China, and cooperation with the top 500 in foreign countries, sales are expected to increase steadily; with exclusive and leading technology, vertical wind turbines represent the future of Inge Electric.

Expanding production capacity, expanding the market, and mass-producing new products all need to continue to add huge amounts of money. Where does Yingge Electric's investment come from? Peng Zhibin told reporters that the pace of their listing has been fully launched, and on November 2, 2015, Guangzhou held the first round of financing signing ceremony for the establishment of “Yinge (Yangjiang) Electric Co., Ltd. and the listing of the company before the listing of the company. The first round of strategic investors, with the help of the strength of the capital market, enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness, and also lay a solid foundation for the company to achieve ipo in the next three years.

Inge's major technological breakthroughs in the field of new energy combined with the implementation of intelligent manufacturing and upgrading have enabled Inger to extend from the leading position of traditional energy equipment to the innovation of new energy equipment. Yingge people said that they will rush to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry and go all the way to the industry 4.0 era, and strive for the leading enterprises of Yangjiang advanced equipment manufacturing industry.

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