The Advantage Will Obviously Usher In The Next Spring

- Nov 13, 2018-

Some people in the industry believe that the hub motor has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, light weight, miniaturization, etc. It is the ultimate solution for pure electric vehicles. The hub motor realizes the integration of new energy vehicle engines and transmissions, and creatively integrates the power, transmission and braking devices into the hub. The variable central drive is a distributed drive, eliminating the transmission, the drive shaft and the differential. The transmission components can reduce the transmission components by 80% and reduce the weight by 30%, thereby improving the energy efficiency of the battery and prolonging the cruising range.


Mr. Wang Dazong pointed out that China does not have a strong independent component company, and our car will not be realized. Therefore, we emphasize that we must catch up and differentiate. For example, all are new energy vehicles. The former uses a traditional central motor, the latter uses a hub motor, and the latter saves 15%. This is the difference. It is unrealistic for domestic companies to apply these transnational components with disruptive technologies first to domestic independent brands. Therefore, Chinese enterprises go overseas together, and those who have the skills and management of technology can be an effective way to develop China's independent parts and components enterprises. This is the meaning of this merger. Of course, mergers and acquisitions are risky, but the risks are controllable. The first person must be right and the second thing is right. e-Traction has a very good team. This team was formed in 1981. In the late 1990s, it began to study the hub motor. After more than ten years, it was a mature team. In terms of e-Traction, e-Traction The products have been applied to buses and buses in eight European countries. The vehicles equipped with their products have been running on the road for 8 years, and their technology has been developed to the third generation.

Zhao Fuquan, the rotating chairman of the World Association of Automotive Engineers: The hub motor is welcoming a new spring.

Mr. Zhao Fuquan said that the wheel hub motor is used in electric bicycles. In some commercial vehicles, many companies have used it. However, the scale of industrial quantification so far is still small, so many companies are still embarrassed. The speed of commercial vehicles is relatively low, the space is relatively large, and the load efficiency of commercial vehicles is higher, so many companies are committed to new breakthroughs in this area. The Dutch e-Traction company is from the perspective of commercial vehicles. Now it has more than 200 patents. Many industries are worried about size problems, heat dissipation problems, water problems, shelter problems, volume problems, etc. Mass production. It should be said that e-Traction is a big step in this regard. From this perspective, I think it is achieving our ideal state, with the shortest distance and the highest efficiency while controlling the entire car with minimal space. When the electric bus gradually became the mainstream, the hub motor was also ushered in a new spring of innovation. The e-Traction company is relatively advanced in this respect. It should be said that Tianhai Synchronization has a strategic vision. China has such a large In a market, the wheel hub motor project settled in Jingmen, Hubei, and started from a commercial vehicle to carry out technological innovations. Finally, it can be carried on a car. This is a technology worthy of expectation. Technological innovation is from nothing to nothing. The process, this is a great look.

Wang Binggang, head of the expert group of the National Clean Car Action Coordination Leading Group Office: Wheel hub motors are a direction of technological innovation.

Mr. Wang Binggang believes that passenger cars and passenger cars are two important areas for the development of new energy vehicles. As a very important means of transportation in cities, buses are an important factor affecting the quality of urban environment. Therefore, the country has always regarded buses as an important breakthrough and technological innovation in the process of formulating new energy vehicles. It should be said that China has made many efforts in the innovation of bus power systems. A brief summary of the technological innovations of Chinese buses, there are about seven or eight forms, and this new form has begun to lead internationally. The use of hub motors on buses is also one of the directions pursued by technological innovation. Whether it is an internal combustion engine or a central motor, the height of the bus floor is high, and passengers need to board when they get on the bus. If a hub motor is used, the floor will be low and the drive will be reduced to increase efficiency. Therefore, the hub motor is indeed the key development direction of the bus. In recent years, there have been work progress in this area in China. For example, BYD also used a hub motor in the car, and the effect is very good.

Xu Xiangyang, executive deputy director of the National Passenger Vehicle Automatic Transmission Engineering Technology Research Center: The hub motor is a revolutionary impact on the transmission industry.

Mr. Xu Xiangyang said that once the hub motor is widely used in buses, passenger cars or cars, it is a revolutionary impact on the entire traditional industry. Once the hub motor is placed on a 12-meter bus, some of the conventional equipment will be cancelled. In addition, from the perspective of technological development, the hub motor is a direction for the development of conventional automobiles or electric drive drives in the future. When it comes to distributed wheel drive, from the control point of the whole vehicle, from the hub motor itself, from the integrated execution facilities, etc., many technical problems are involved. Only after solving all the problems, the hub motor can really be in the bus. Or get it on commercial vehicles. Nowadays, e-Traction's hub motor has been applied to bus and bus in European countries. It should be said that e-Traction has solved these critical technical problems. The next step is how to realize industrialization in China as soon as possible, and the Chinese market. Combined, a large-scale promotion and application.

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