The Application Field Of Linear Motor Is More And More Extensive

- Sep 18, 2018-

Linear motor drive technology has become more and more mature since its birth and development. It has been widely applied in various fields due to its prominent advantages such as high precision, no wear, low noise, high efficiency, fast response and space saving. Linear motor has been widely used in civil, industrial and military industries.

1. In the transportation industry

In 2002, China successfully produced maglev train driven by linear motor.With a length of 15 meters and a width of 3 meters, and an air weight of 20 tons, it has 44 seats and can carry up to 100 people. With a capacity of 16 tons, the zui has a designed speed of 150 kilometers per hour and a test speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

In the construction industry

Linear motor driven elevators are now widely used in smart buildings.In the world, the elevator powered by linear motor is installed in April, 1990 in the wanshi building in Guam, Tokyo, Japan. The elevator has a capacity of 600kg, a speed of 105m/min, and a lifting height of 22.9m.Since there is no traction unit in the elevator driven by linear motor, the machine room on the roof of the building can be omitted.If the building's height is increased to about 1, 000 meters, it will have to be powered by a wireline elevator powered by a high-temperature superconducting linear motor, with coils in the shaft and a high-performance permanent magnet outside the cage.

3. In the semiconductor industry

Linear motor with its high-speed, high-precision, pollution-free characteristics, widely used in photoengraving machine, IC bonding machine, IC plastic sealing machine and other processing equipment, and a single equipment often needs multiple linear motor.

In the medical industry

Linear motor also emerged, from the electric nursing bed, X-ray fluoroscopy bed, electric operating table, to the heart pacemaker has been applied examples.

5. In the CNC processing industry

The traditional "rotary motor + ball screw" transmission form can achieve the zui high feeding speed of 30m/min, and the acceleration is only 3m/2s.The linear motor drives the table with 30 times the speed and 10 times the acceleration of the traditional transmission mode, and the zui can reach up to 10g.The stiffness was increased 7 times.The working table driven directly by linear motor has no dead zone of reverse operation.The linear servo system can achieve higher frequency response due to the small inertia of the motor.

6 in the military industry

According to the IEEE SPECTRUM ONLINE of November 12, 2004, America * began testing two systems that revolutionized the way aircraft carriers shoot aircraft.The heart of the electromagnetic aircraft catapult system is the 103-meter-long linear induction motor.Electromagnetic aircraft ejection system has better performance and ejection control range.It will accelerate the aircraft to a weight of about 4.5 to 45 tons, the catapult speed between 100 to 370 kilometers per hour, control sensitivity flexible, which steam catapults cannot achieve.

In recent years, the application of linear motor has been accelerating, and the application of linear motor has been more and more extensive, which has infiltrated into various fields of economic development.With the improvement and perfection of linear motor drive technology, linear motor will gradually replace the traditional screw drive mode in the future.Therefore, it is necessary to gradually improve the use and maintenance of linear motors and other supporting technologies to meet the changing market needs and increase its market competitiveness.

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