The Development Of New Energy Vehicles Is Good, Which Will Bring The Market Scale Of 19 Billion Motors.

- Dec 03, 2018-

The development of new energy vehicles is good, which will bring the market scale of 19 billion motors.

With the rise of the new energy automobile industry, the motor, the core component of the new energy vehicle, has the strongest certainty, and it is irreplaceable in the field of hybrid, pure electric and fuel cell vehicles.

According to the sales and structure of new energy vehicles, the market size of the drive assembly (motor + electronic control) will reach about 12.5 billion yuan in 2017, and the compound annual growth rate of the new energy vehicle drive assembly (motor + electronic control) market in the next three years. (CAGR) will reach 35%, and by 2020 the market size will exceed 30 billion yuan.

As we all know, China is the world's largest new energy vehicle market. In the future, new energy passenger vehicles are expected to produce 810,000 units, 1.23 million units and 1.75 million units in 2018-2020. The growth peak of new energy buses has passed and will continue to grow steadily in the future. It is estimated that the output will be 125,000, 129,000 and 133,000 in 2018-2020; new energy special vehicles are expected to benefit from the electrification replacement of logistics vehicles, and it is expected to enter a rapid growth period in the future. In 2020, the output will be 107,000, 128,000 and 153,000. The total output of new energy vehicles is expected to be 1.043 million, 1.484 million and 2.034 million in 2018-2020.

Benefiting from the growth of production and sales of new energy vehicles in the future, the calculation of the number of new electric vehicles per motor in 2018-2020 is estimated to be 1.043 million sets, 1.484 million sets and 2.034 million sets. Up to 19 billion.

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