The Development Of Small Micro-electromechanical Products Export Enterprises Is Worrying

- Oct 30, 2018-

The development of small micro-electromechanical products export enterprises is worrying

First, the quality management level of small and micro enterprises is not high, and the quality of products is not optimistic.

Since the inspection and quarantine institutions have implemented the classification management conformity assessment procedures, some enterprises still have inadequate staffing, and the vicious competition in the industry has been difficult to survive. As a result, various quality management systems have not been implemented well, and the quality management system is ineffective. Although the enterprises have quality system documents or The certification was obtained, but the production was not controlled according to the system requirements. The production and quality management of the products were basically out of control. There are still a large number of enterprises whose quality monitoring level is unstable, the quality of products is uneven, and some even remain at the level of cottage enterprises. The quality of products is worrying and the development is increasingly difficult.

Second, small and micro enterprises have insufficient technological innovation and product upgrade capabilities, and export dependence is too high.

Shunde small micro-electromechanical export enterprises are limited by the concept of operators, technology, talents, funds, etc., and there are shortcomings in product research and development, laboratory construction, etc., and technological innovation and product upgrading capabilities are not strong, leading to major product updates of enterprises. The cycle is longer and the products are more singular. This reality, coupled with poor domestic sales channels, has caused small and micro enterprises and large enterprises to be in an unfavorable position in domestic marketing. The domestic sales business is difficult, and the export is the best choice for most small and micro enterprises to survive and seek development. The dependence is too high. Among the many exporters of mechanical and electrical products in Shunde, the dependence on foreign trade is generally over 80%, even as high as 100%. Some enterprises only have 1-2 major customers per year, and the business risk is extremely high. It has greatly restricted the self-improvement and benign development of the industry. Under the situation of global economic integration, it is more vulnerable to the impact and influence of the external economic environment. The industrial transformation and upgrading are compelling.

Third, decentralized management, fierce competition in the same industry, industrial advantages can not be played

Shunde exports a large number of mechanical and electrical products companies, and has formed a regional industrial concentration. Some industries are even second to none in the country. For example, small household appliances are a typical example, but the scale of the industry has not been transformed into an advantage, but has formed a decentralized operation. The situation of each is a battle, the competition in the same industry is fierce, and the phenomenon of mutual price killing is serious. As a result, the industry in which small micro-electromechanical export enterprises are located is in a poor living condition, and the industrial advantages are not fully exerted, which limits the healthy development of the industry to a certain extent. .

Fourth, small and micro enterprises have weak profitability, which fundamentally limits the development of enterprises.

This year, due to the impact of the European debt crisis, foreign markets are weak, orders are falling, enterprises are under-employed, and affected by the RMB exchange rate, labor costs, and raw material prices, the profitability is extremely weak, and the capital accumulation is not formed. The big restrictions, most companies just maintain normal operation, and support hard. According to the survey of 50 target companies, the profit rate of most enterprises can only reach 5%~10%, rarely reach more than 15%, and even some enterprises. Operating at a loss. This situation limits the company's investment in independent brand management and independent R&D design, which further weakens the profitability of the company and creates a vicious circle. In the long run, the company will not develop healthy and benign.

5. Trade barriers have far-reaching effects and restrict product exports.

Following the promulgation and implementation of EU directives such as RoHS and WEEE, the impact of the REACH directive on enterprises has begun to appear this year. Some countries in South America are planning to increase green trade barriers. The EMC Directive and the EUP Directive have a profound impact on the microwave oven export industry. The threat of trade measures similar to Argentina’s measures to export microwave ovens to China is not removed. In addition, product quality and safety has expanded from the traditional sense of electrical safety to include quality concepts in the areas of product energy efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility, food hygiene, etc. Many customers require health certificates, quality certificates, etc. The electromechanical industry has to think about Problems other than electrical safety. The trade barriers that countries have rushed to introduce have added a lot of difficulties to the technology and cost control of exporting small and micro enterprises.

6. The market of small and micro enterprises has been squeezed and their vitality has weakened, which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

Since 2010, the export advantages of large and medium-sized enterprises in Shunde have been further expanded. Taking small household appliances as an example, in many production enterprises, the export share of several large enterprises has reached 60%, the market of small and medium-sized enterprises is decreasing, and the vitality of small and micro enterprises Weakened, the number of enterprises is decreasing. From the point of view, large and medium-sized enterprises concentrate on production, which seems to be conducive to the improvement of product quality. However, in the long run, the existence of small and micro enterprises will maintain a certain number of enterprises and help to maintain the industry. Vitality enables all companies engaged in production to pay attention to the future development of the industry, pay attention to the progress of new technologies and new technologies, and formulate long-term development plans for enterprises, instead of being keen on short-term speculation and satisfying short-term benefits, thus promoting the entire industry to follow the correct The direction of healthy development.

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