The Effect Of Reducing The Frequency Of Generator Rental Has Long Been Known

- Oct 25, 2018-

The effect of reducing the frequency of generator rental has long been known

We know that the low frequency of generator rental is extremely unfavorable for the impact of electrical equipment, so in order to maintain the rated value of the generator frequency, we need to make the necessary frequency adjustment. So, what effect will the frequency have on the generator rental?

One of the effects: low frequency operation will increase the pressure on the turbine blades, causing the resonance of the blades, shortening the life of the blades, and even breaking the blades.

The second effect: the low-frequency operation, the ventilation of the generator will be reduced, in order to maintain the normal voltage, it is required to increase the excitation current, so that the temperature rise of the diesel generator set top and rotor increases, in order not to exceed the temperature rise limit, has to be reduced The amount of electricity generated by the diesel generator set.

The third effect: When the low frequency is running, the core loss and excitation current of the transformer will increase due to the increase of the magnetic flux density. In order not to exceed the temperature rise limit, the transformer load has to be reduced.

Influence 4: When the frequency is reduced, the reactive power load in the system will increase, resulting in a drop in the system voltage level.

The motor speed is closely related to the system frequency. If the generator rental frequency is too low, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment, reduce the product quality, and even collapse the entire system. Therefore, in order to avoid the impact of system frequency drop, we need to set according to the rated frequency of the system, and adjust it when there is frequency change, which has an important impact on the stable operation of the generator set.

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