The Era Of Electric Drive Opens Up Space For Development

- Dec 11, 2018-

The era of electric drive opens up space for development

"We have ushered in a global era of electric drive and catch up with the golden age of China's new energy vehicle development." Lv Chao believes that the rare opportunity of the time and place gives Tate a huge space for development.

With the advent of the era of electric drive, electric vehicles will become the mainstream of new energy vehicles, and the direct drive hub motor, which is the final solution for electric drive, will also be widely promoted and applied. China is the world's number one automobile production and sales country. It will not only use direct drive wheel hub motor technology as a new power for new energy vehicle corner overtaking, but also provide a huge application market for the hub motor drive axle system assembly.

Lu Chao believes that in order to gain a competitive advantage in the field of new energy vehicles, commercial vehicle companies will compete in the use of hub motors. Compared with the first generation of central motor centralized drive technology and the second generation of wheel motor technology, the hub motor technology creatively integrates the power, transmission and brake devices into the hub, and the central drive is distributed drive, eliminating the transmission. The transmission components such as the transmission shaft and the differential have fundamentally solved the problem that the traditional motor powertrain has large noise and high failure rate, which has long plagued commercial vehicle enterprises. Just to reduce the noise below 75 decibels, commercial vehicle companies will follow.

By using the hub motor technology, it can reduce the transmission components by 80%, reduce the weight by 30%, and greatly improve the energy efficiency of the battery and extend the cruising range. The overall cost can be saved by more than 10%. Significant high efficiency, low energy consumption and low cost will also make commercial vehicle companies rush. The social benefits brought about by zero emissions will make those socially responsible commercial vehicle companies swarm.

100% belong to the Chinese wheel motor company, China only Hubei Tate Electromechanical. Moreover, Tate Electromechanical is the only company that produces world-leading products with practical road operation experience. For this reason, in the past year or so, commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Sulong, Wuzhoulong, Yinlong, Zhongtong and Dajinlong have been leading the way in low-carbon, electric and intelligent. Special mechanical and electrical cooperation.

Lu Chao believes that as the most direct and efficient driving method, the electric drive system generated by the wheel hub motor technology will become the most popular solution for solving the problems of new energy vehicle cost, energy consumption and pollution. The goal.

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