The Fifth Batch Of Motor Energy Efficiency Subsidies In Dongguan Exceeded 55 Million. 121 Companies Shared

- Nov 06, 2018-

The fifth batch of motor energy efficiency subsidies in Dongguan exceeded 55 million. 121 companies shared

Dongguan City Economic and Information Bureau announced that 121 companies have received more than 55 million yuan in motor energy efficiency upgrade subsidies. Among them, paper-making enterprises, which are large consumers of energy, actively participate in the transformation, and the subsidies received are relatively large. Among them, Limao Chemical, Jingda Electronics, and Lee & Man Paper have subsidies of 10.11 million yuan, 2.19 million yuan and 2.02 million yuan, respectively, ranking the top three subsidies. The announcement ended on March 23. The announcement shows that the subsidy funds are mainly divided into five types of projects, including motor system transformation, replacement of high-efficiency motors, subsidy standard of 170 yuan / kW; and injection molding machine transformation, injection molding machine transformation demonstration and injection molding machine replacement and renewal projects, subsidies The standard is 400 yuan / kW, 550 yuan / kW and 510 yuan / kW. It is understood that in the transformation of motor energy efficiency and efficiency projects, the cost per kilowatt of renovation is about 500 yuan, so the above subsidy standard is a major burden reduction for enterprises, stimulating their enthusiasm. The subsidized enterprises are also the major energy consumers in Dongguan, mainly including electronics, plastics, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking enterprises, etc., with a total transformation power of 18,728 kilowatts. It is reported that this is the fifth batch of motor energy efficiency improvement project fund awards in our city. Since November 2014, the city has successively issued the first four batches of subsidies for energy-saving renovation of electric motors. The subsidy amount for each batch ranges from more than 20 million yuan to more than 60 million yuan. The improvement of energy efficiency of the motor is one of the key points of energy conservation. The city has proposed to increase the energy efficiency of the motor by 1.8 million kilowatts by 2015 and to complete the energy-saving retrofit of 10,000 injection molding machines by 2017. In order to encourage enterprises to carry out motor energy efficiency improvement as soon as possible, the city has introduced relevant subsidy rules since 2014, and the provincial and municipal subsidy funds will total 330 million yuan.

According to the data of the Bureau of Information, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the total power of Dongguan Electric Energy Efficiency was updated and rebuilt with a total power of 2.07 million kilowatts, and the number of newer renovations ranked first in the province; the number of servo energy-saving retrofits (or eliminations) of injection molding machines was 9,423, and the number of renovations was also Ranked first in the province.

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