The First Line Of Linear Motor Subway Trains Off The Assembly Line

- Oct 24, 2018-

The first line of linear motor subway trains off the assembly line

Yesterday, China’s first linear motor subway train with independent intellectual property rights was launched at the production base of CSR Sifang (601126, shares) in Qingdao. The core technology and key technologies of this train have completely independent intellectual property rights, and the localization rate of the whole vehicle has reached more than 90%. This not only breaks the monopoly of foreign technology, but also greatly reduces the cost of train manufacturing and operation. It marks the linear motor train of China. The level of independent research and development has reached the world advanced level.

The linear motor subway train is the world's advanced urban rail transit equipment. It is named after the linear motor traction technology. It is a technology between the magnetic levitation and the ordinary wheel-rail train. The wheels only support and do not have strong friction with the track. Therefore, it has the advantages of low noise, energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with the traditional subway train, the linear motor subway train has good climbing performance and strong curve passing ability. It is suitable for operation in areas with large slopes, many turns, and complex urban geological structures. The overall cost of the project can be significantly reduced.

At present, more than 10 subway lines in Canada, the United States, Japan and other countries use this type of train. The Beijing Capital Airport Express Rail also uses linear motor trains, but it is Bombardier's imported technology.

In order to actively promote the independent development of linear motor trains, Guangzhou Metro Corporation and CSR Sifang Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric, Tieke Institute, and Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute form an innovative alliance, adopting a combination of production, study and research. A year and a half of the implementation of scientific and technological research, the realization of the linear motor metro train core technology, the key technology of complete autonomy, and the realization of the key components of the industrialization. At present, this linear motor subway train is preparing to apply for more than 20 technical patents.

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