The First Main Pump Motor Of Unit 1 Of Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Plant Was Successfully Placed

- Oct 23, 2018-

The first main pump motor of Unit 1 of Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Plant was successfully placed

Recently, the latest news from the Wanjiashan Nuclear Power Plant, the first main pump motor of Fangjiashan Nuclear Power Unit 1 was successfully located on the motor support, marking a key step in the installation of Fangjiashan Nuclear Power on the main pump site. It laid a solid foundation for the subsequent implementation of the cold test target of Unit 1 on schedule.

It is understood that the first main pump motor installed on the site is the No. 1 unit 2 loop. After assembly, assembly and acceptance in the AC plant, it will be transported to the No. 1 reactor building for lifting and installation. At present, the installation of the main pumps on site is being carried out in an orderly manner.

Fangjiashan nuclear power main pump motor through the Harbin Group and Austrian ANDRITZ company to complete the introduction and absorption of cutting-edge technology, and finally achieved localization.

Main pump motor

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