The First Sales Peak Of Energy-efficient Motors Is Coming Soon

- Oct 08, 2018-

"GB18613-2006" proposed that the high-efficiency motor as a mandatory standard from July 1, 2011, ordinary motors are not allowed to produce and sell; in 2011, the annual promotion target is set at 31.77 million kilowatts. However, in 2010, the sales of high-efficiency motors accounted for less than 3%. In the first half of 2011, the number of high-efficiency motors that had been signed and shipped was only 480,300 kilowatts, accounting for only 1.5% of the total annual promotion, far below the policy expectations. Hou Yuxuan, a researcher in the environmental protection industry of China Investment Consulting, pointed out that the development of high-efficiency motor industry is in line with market demand, both in terms of the status quo of the industry and the development trend of the future market. But obviously, at this stage, the sales of products have not entered the stage of large-scale market. The biggest factor facing the market promotion is the price. Although the promotion of high-efficiency motors plays a very significant role in energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five-Year Plan, if the relevant regulations of the policy are to be met, the high-efficiency motor still needs to achieve breakthrough sales. .

The current data shows that if we want to basically complete the task of high-efficiency motor promotion this year, the promotion volume in the second half of the year will account for 98.5% of the whole year. It can be seen that since the implementation of the mandatory standard for high-efficiency motors, the first sales peak is coming, and the market trend It is also moving in this direction. From the analysis of supply and demand market, the sales of high-efficiency motors are not based on the expansion of demand, but on the replacement of ordinary motors. Due to the strong substitution effect of high-efficiency motors, the market of ordinary motors will gradually enter the shrinking stage. Zhang Yulin, research director of China Investment Consulting, pointed out that the rise of high-efficiency motors will inevitably lead to the fall of ordinary motors. At the same time, once the market's critical point is reached, the sales of ordinary motors will soon enter a stage of negative growth, and the policy push will be this revolutionary. Replace the most important motivational factors. In the early stage of the market, many companies have already marketed around high-efficiency motors, and hope to achieve breakthroughs in performance through the market's Dongfeng.

According to the "2011-2015 China Energy-efficient Motor Industry Investment Analysis and Forecast Report" released by China Investment Consulting, the total installed capacity of China's electric motors has reached more than 400 million kW, and the annual power consumption has reached 1.2 trillion kWh, accounting for the whole country. 60% of the total electricity consumption, accounting for 80% of the industrial electricity consumption, of which the total installed capacity of fans, pumps and compressors has exceeded 200 million kW, and the annual electricity consumption is 800 billion kWh, accounting for the total electricity consumption in the country. 40% or so.

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