The Future Development Of Explosion-proof Motor

- Feb 08, 2017-

At present, the main factors influence the level of small and medium electric machine product instability of raw material, in particular the great difference in the quality of silicon steel sheet. In addition, motor technology generally put less larger proportion of parts processing equipment, precision is one of the causes influencing the quality of motor. In addition, the industry as a whole the manufacturing process there is still gap with foreign advanced level. Solving these problems requires not only efforts of explosion-proof motor industry, also needs other supporting industry support.

Because of the explosion-proof electric appliance manufacturer in China pays more attention to product quality, strict quality control, explosion-proof electric products quality level increases, effectively driving the coal mines, petroleum chemical industry security situation rapidly improved. Its main outcome is that mass death, mass wound greatly reduced, the security situation continues to develop for the better.

"In recent years, explosion-proof motor industry is developing rapidly in China, product output continues to expand, explosion-proof motor industry to national industrial policies to encourage high-tech product development, new investment projects and investment of domestic enterprises gradually increased. Investor concern in explosion-proof motor industry more and more closely, the ' Twelve-Five ' during the explosion-proof motor industry and investment opportunities in key areas of research has become a hot issue. Next in the ' Thirteen-Five ' during the development of explosion-proof motor industry in China is promising. ”

Coal machine industry development main speed up "five a transformation": a is speed up from focused on development industrial to advanced manufacturing, and high-tech industry and modern services collaborative development transformation; II is from bias introduced funds to attention introduced advanced technology, and scientific management and high quality talent transformation; three is from focused on scale expansion to focused on quality benefits upgrade transformation; four is from relies on policy offers to upgrade integrated service function transformation; five is by consumption environment resources to environment friendly type transformation.

Currently tends to be low voltage explosion-proof motor industry heading for a high power motor and compact, efficient motor replacing motor, motor modules, such as efficient and environmentally friendly direction, which also happens to agree with "Thirteen-Five" coal development plan, the future development of explosion-proof motor is very.

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