The Global Micro-motor Market Will Expand At A Rate Of 4%

- Nov 26, 2018-

The global micro-motor market will expand at a rate of 4%

Recently, the international market research organization MR released a report, predicting that the global micro-motor market will expand at a rate of 4% between 2017 and 2022. In 2017, the sales of micro-motors will exceed 30 billion US dollars. In 2022, this data will continue to grow and is expected to exceed 40 billion US dollars.

In the past few years, the use of brushless DC motors in electric vehicles has witnessed the rapid development of the micro-motor market. More micro-motor manufacturers have been paying attention to the development of portable charging tools for electric vehicles, as these tools are closely related to future global environmental protection issues.

In addition, many piezoelectric motor technologies that provide high precision have been introduced on the market. For example, the M3 intelligent module platform developed by NewScale Technologies, "SQUIGGLEmotor", has become a revolutionary piezoelectric micro-motor that provides high-performance operation. Experts expect these events to drive the growth of the micro-motor market during the forecast period.

With the continuous development of electronic technology, the micro-motor industry began to merge and acquire each other, and motor companies gradually strengthened cooperation with manufacturers. The modern design of “from drive to micro-motor” has driven the demand for manufacturing and production processes, as well as the materials needed for micro-motors, which has driven the global micro-motor market.

In addition, more and more car sales are driving the adoption of electrical equipment. Automated fuel injection systems in automobiles have replaced traditional carburetor, and small motors have replaced ABS systems. These factors will further promote market growth.

12 points in the global micro-motor market development

1. Brushless micromotors are expected to achieve the largest scale adoption in the global micromotor market. By the end of 2022, sales of brushless micromotors are expected to exceed $20,000.

2. Sales of brushed motors will increase slowly during the forecast period.

3. In the application field, the automotive segment is expected to dominate the global micro-motor market. During the forecast period, the sales revenue of micro-motors in the automotive industry is expected to occupy a quarter of the market.

4. Industrial automation will continue to be the second largest application of micro-motors.

5. During the entire forecast period, the application requirements of micro-motors in the aircraft field will continue to be sluggish.

6.12v-48v micro-motors will dominate the power consumption market, and sales growth is expected to be the fastest in 2022. Mini gear motor is our main product.

7. It is expected that sales of micromotors exceeding 48V will be lower than those of 12V micromotors.

8. Micro DC motors are expected to continue to be favored by the market and become the first choice. During the forecast period, sales of micro DC motors will show modest expansion.

9. It is expected that sales of micro AC motors will increase slowly by 2022.

10. In 2017, in terms of revenue, the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan (APEJ)] will dominate the global micro-motor market, and this trend will remain throughout the forecast period.

11. Europe will continue to maintain the second market of micro-motors, which is second only to the Asia-Pacific region.

12. Microgrid market revenues in the Middle East and Africa will remain low, but sales during the forecast period are expected to be above average.


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