The Glory And Dilemma Of Japanese Electromechanical Enterprises In The Chinese Market

- Oct 26, 2018-

The reason why Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, and Toshiba can achieve higher returns in such an environment, we believe that emerging markets centered on China have given Japanese companies new opportunities in the construction of social infrastructure. Even if there are problems in TV and semiconductors, even if there are problems in TV and semiconductors, even if they encounter earthquakes and floods, they will finally be able to cheer up.

The president of Toshiba (China) Tongshan said that the group had 10 factories in Thailand, all of which suffered floods. Up to now, six factories have failed to resume production, and the disaster has been quite serious. Toshiba is a TV manufacturer and an important manufacturer of semiconductors. Toshiba can achieve success in this natural disaster and industrial structure transformation. In the words of President Tongshan, it has maintained good benefits and benefits in social infrastructure such as elevators, thermal power, hydropower, and power transmission. Without this higher efficiency, Toshiba may be included in the Panasonic camp.

In Chongqing, the president of Ohno (China) Co., Ltd. Ohno said that the sales target for sales in China in 2015 was raised from RMB 100 billion in 2010 to RMB 160 billion. Our growth rate in China is faster than the growth rate of China's GDP. President Ohno said. The reason why this is so strong is because Hitachi has seen China's huge demand for social infrastructure. From construction machinery, to the signals needed in the railway, to the elevators needed in the building, to the power grid construction in smart cities, Hitachi has integrated social infrastructure equipment with IT and opened up markets in China. The five-year growth of nearly doubled in five years is ambitious.

However, Japanese companies face an insurmountable problem. At present, about 80% of the Japanese people are disgusted with China. The Noda cabinet has also clearly played a policy of promoting value diplomacy toward China. The negative reports of the Japanese media on China have greatly exceeded the positive content. Although Japanese companies are still making great efforts to open up the Chinese market, they have also made great achievements. However, when the Japanese media talked about China’s success, they intend to replace China with an emerging country, and continue to open up the success of electromechanical enterprises in China. Success in emerging countries and continue to explore emerging markets.

This kind of success and continued development will move forward in the deeper areas of medical equipment, sewage treatment, energy conservation and environmental protection. In this field, Japanese companies and Chinese local enterprises basically do not constitute a competitive situation. There is only competition between Japanese electromechanical enterprises, Japanese companies and a few European and American companies. Japanese companies can achieve greater results. But the only difference between Japan and Europe and the United States is that too many Japanese media are focusing on reporting negative news in China. Some Japanese politicians have taken the role of the remaining values in the past century and Europe, which makes it possible to obtain in China. Japanese companies with greater achievements have become somewhat shrinking. As a result, compared with the electromechanical enterprises in Korea and Europe, it seems that the Japanese market share in the Chinese market will not be greatly improved.


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