The Heart Of Industrial Robots Where Is The Future Of Servo Motors?

- Nov 22, 2018-

The "heart" of industrial robots Where is the future of servo motors?

Since Germany proposed Industry 4.0, China has also proposed the "Made in China 2025" plan. With the acceleration of China's automation, China will become a super robot giant in the future, and the demand for industrial robots will increase greatly. However, under the stimulation of the high growth of industrial robots, the development of servo systems for control systems and automation products is bound to change. Servo motors are the power system of industrial robots and the "heart" of robot movements. Where is the future?

"2015-2019 Global Industrial Robot Servo Motor Industry Report" shows that since 2013, China has become the world's largest industrial robot market. In 2014, sales soared to 55% of global servo motor sales. It is estimated that by 2019, the demand for servo motors in the Chinese market will reach 182,000 units.

The rapid growth of industrial robots has stimulated the development of the servo motor market to some extent. According to ResearchandMarkets, 90% of industrial robots use servo motors. At the same time, the servo motors assembled by each industrial robot are average. In 2014, China's demand for servo motors increased by 231,000 units. And this number is expected to reach 737,000 in 2019.

At present, in the industrial machine market in China, 85% of servo motors are foreign brands, while most of the local companies are still in the stage of development and testing, and there are almost no industrialized industrial robot servo motors.

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