The Importance Of Mechatronics Technology For Industry 4.0

- Nov 21, 2018-

The importance of mechatronics technology for Industry 4.0

The rapid development of technologies related to Industry 4.0 has increased the efficiency, performance, and accessibility of built-in smart machines, and is therefore referred to by some as the next industrial revolution. Mechatronics machine design and engineering provided the basic building blocks for the successful implementation of the Industry 4.0 project.

The road to Industry 4.0

The first industrial revolution led to the birth of the first factories in the textile industry and other industries, driving the transformation of these industries into mechanized production based on coal and steam power plants. The second industrial revolution was marked by the widespread use of electricity and internal combustion engines, and large-scale production brought about newer and faster development. The third industrial revolution represented the significant innovation, integration and application of digital manufacturing technology, Internet technology and renewable energy technologies. The rapid development of semiconductors, computers and energy technologies has greatly improved the production and energy utilization of manufacturing and process industries. effectiveness. Industry 4.0, known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, leverages digital and automation technologies. The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) technology has made modular components and digital control communication possible. The Internet of Things provides Industry 4.0 with a potentially huge platform that makes systems faster, more reliable, more flexible, and more scalable. What makes Industry 4.0 so powerful is the ability to conduct the lowest level of data communication and analysis in almost real-time, almost anywhere in the world.

Industry 4.0 has gained exponential growth as more sensors, machines and operations connect to the Internet and cloud platforms. Enterprises will be the highest-level applications of IoT solutions that can reduce operating costs, increase productivity, expand new markets or develop new products.

According to a recent industry survey, more than half of corporate executives have accepted IoT-based systems or plans to do so. More than 80% believe that the application of IoT technology is critical to future success. Embedded smart and wireless sensors have been applied to industrial workshops and operations management. Data analysis company LuxResearch predicts in an IoT industry report that by 2020, the global industrial Internet of Things will reach $151 billion.

Lay the foundation of Industry 4.0

The future vision of Industry 4.0 is that anyone in the world who has access to identity authentication can access data analysis, control production, and perform preventive maintenance to increase productivity and improve profitability. Mechatronic motion control systems are the foundation for achieving this.

With the right tools, smart machines can be launched in shorter time intervals. Energy efficiency is rooted in modern drive technology. Programmability and control access mean that operators can benefit from higher productivity, ease of maintenance and reduced downtime. The motion-centric automation solution incorporates an ergonomic operating concept, user-friendly, multi-touch, human-machine interface operating system for process visualization and easier integration to support the network and the industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT) Connection and control of equipment.

Obviously, in the era of Industry 4.0, mechatronics is more relevant than ever. Flexible and scalable drive technology that delivers more efficient data flow, visibility and control, and securely sends machine data to (or receives) networks or clouds for real-time decision making, diagnostics, maintenance and forecasting analysis. Transforming complex motion control and automation into an easy-to-use drive solution is key to the implementation of Industry 4.0 in motion control.

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