The Intelligentization Of The Photovoltaic Industry Will Become The Development Trend Of The Industry

- Oct 18, 2018-

The intelligentization of the photovoltaic industry will become the development trend of the industry

In the current situation of increasingly tight energy and increasingly harsh environment, a number of new energy industries such as photovoltaics have ushered in tremendous development opportunities. Undoubtedly, the intelligent process of China's photovoltaic industry is also the choice of the general trend.

Undoubtedly, the intelligent process of China's photovoltaic industry is also the choice of the general trend. According to the statistics of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, in 2015, China's polysilicon production exceeded 165,000 tons, an increase of 25%, accounting for 48.5%; battery module output was 45.8GW, an increase of 28.7%, accounting for 48.5%. The newly installed capacity of photovoltaics is about 15GW, an increase of more than 40% year-on-year, ranking first in the world for three consecutive years; the cumulative installed capacity is about 43GW, ranking first in the world. According to the national plan, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period from 2016, the cumulative installed capacity of solar photovoltaic power plants in China is expected to reach 150GW.

Although the installed capacity and power generation of the domestic photovoltaic industry has increased year by year, according to market research data, in the high-speed development, China's photovoltaic industry also has the risk of overcapacity, and the road to development is not smooth.

Ordinary photovoltaic products are already saturated in the domestic market. The domestic market needs more advanced technology to support. At the same time, the international market has put forward higher quality requirements for photovoltaic products. Product performance and entry barriers, power station investment are also facing huge Challenges and risks. If domestic PV products cannot comply with this trend, they will be at a disadvantage in international competition.

“If we want to rely on smart manufacturing innovation to achieve our more valuable product solutions, I think it is mainly reflected in better manufacturing costs and more reliable quality. Our photovoltaic industry still has a way to go on the road of intelligence. "Dong Shuguang, vice president of Changzhou Trina Solar Co., Ltd. said.

In the opinion of experts, encouraging the development of the photovoltaic industry to be intelligent is an effective measure to avoid overcapacity, and promote the photovoltaic industry to realize the intelligentization of the five major links of raw materials, manufacturing equipment, production plants, transportation and sales, and to control the production capacity at a reasonable level. range.

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