The Layout Of The Motor Electric Control Head Was Just Then

- Sep 14, 2017-

New energy vehicles rely on motor, electronic control and battery three core components movement. Wherein, the motor receives the energy of the power battery and drives the wheel to rotate under the control of an electric control system. Shen Yuan Hong Securities believes that the country in 2020 to achieve the new energy automotive industry planning, and now select the electrical control of the electric head.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor is the mainstream

The efficiency of the permanent magnet synchronous motor, high torque and high power density, small size, light weight, before 2017 5 batch of recommended directory, permanent magnet synchronous motor in passenger cars, buses and special vehicles accounted for respectively 75.86%, 93.18% and 81.90%, the dominant. Overseas car prices, the Japanese and Korean car prices more use of permanent magnet synchronous route, Tesla Model3 will also use permanent magnet synchronous motor, overseas manufacturers choose to further prove the rationality of the technical line.

While the wheel motor power, drive and brake device of automobile are integrated into the wheel hub, a dynamic flexible control and easy to realize braking energy recovery and other advantages, but the consistency of calibration and other issues still need to be improved in the future, a substantial increase in the degree of electrification of electric vehicle use is a clear direction, the major enterprises in technology layout stage.

The driving system has a bright future

The development of new energy commercial vehicles has driven the demand for electronic controlled products and attracted some high-quality industrial control enterprises to enter the market.

From this year the third batch of recommended list, the number of commercial vehicles accounted for more than 90% enterprises, the announcement on the steps gradually completed, the order will be gradually recognized; the first half of the industrial chain of bargaining gradually clear, carry out operational business enterprises downstream is expected through the rapid expansion of the scale of commercial vehicle.

According to the disclosure of data, the current passenger cars, passenger cars and the corresponding driving system for the price of 40 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan, on this basis, combined with the new energy vehicles in 2020 total sales of 5 million vehicles to the drive system market size forecast to 2020, China's new energy vehicles drive system market will reach 67 billion 800 million yuan and the annual compound growth rate of 23.41%.

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