The Market Demand For Motors Has Quietly Changed.

- Oct 31, 2018-

In recent years, the business pattern of the motor industry has changed from “small and large quantities” in the past to “small and diverse”. Small orders have become the emerging procurement trend in the current international market.

According to industry online statistics, the average monthly sales volume of domestic motors in 2015 was 13.57 million units, down 17.46% year-on-year and 11.37% from the previous month. In the fiscal year, the accumulated internal sales volume was 145.735 million units, a year-on-year decline of 12.62%. The industry generally believes that this is affected by macroeconomic policies, and the expansion of the industry is limited, which directly leads to the impact of the motor market demand.

small order

From the data of PMI, the growth of China's domestic motor manufacturing industry is still relatively slow. It is reported that in recent years, the decline of the motor industry is not only domestic orders, but also the orders of many large European and American customers have begun to change from large to small. Now the motor industry, the business form has changed from the past "a small amount" "Small and diverse", which makes the companies that are used to receiving large orders feel troubled. However, these companies have to admit that “small orders” have become the emerging procurement trend in the current international market.

Due to the sudden increase in small orders and short orders in the micro-motor industry, large orders and long orders are sharply decreasing, and the minimum order quantity originally set by many enterprises has been broken again and again. Although these small orders and tight delivery schedules have made many motor companies difficult, many companies are still actively responding.

The person in charge of a motor factory in Dongguan said: "Now some motor companies are reluctant to accept small orders, and they are always looking forward to big orders falling from the sky. But in the face of market changes and increased competition, the motor industry's way out is often on small orders. We should change our thinking in a timely manner. Don't always stare at big orders, but we should seize more small orders. We can achieve big gains by accumulating more and more. This reason is believed that no one does not know. In the market economy, the fittest can survive. In the face of what kind of market enterprises will come up with what kind of mentality, only accepting large orders and pushing out small orders in the current situation is difficult to survive, regardless of the size of the order, the company's development space can be continuously expanded. ”

Small order big world

Shanghai Kallang Songzhi Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise that develops, manufactures and sells vehicle air conditioning systems. Xie Yan, vice president of research and development of the company's research institute, also acknowledged that enterprises should not only stare at the micro-motor world network. The problem of big orders. Xie Yan believes: "It should not be limited to cooperation with major customers. Although only taking large orders is the direction of certain enterprises, but according to our experience, many large orders are actually developed from small orders. Especially in In our air-conditioner motor market, the ratio of small and medium-sized orders to new customers is very high. If we do not have technical reserves through small orders, we have no chance to receive large orders now. We handle small orders and meet customer requirements. In order to get the opportunity to continue cooperation, from small orders to large orders."

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