The Market Is Huge, The Focus Of The Car Drive Motor Will Break 100 Billion

- Nov 24, 2018-

The market is huge, the focus of the car drive motor will break 100 billion

As a core component of energy-saving and new energy vehicle key components, vehicle drive motors have achieved good results in the overall motor market in recent years with the support of national policies and the promotion of large-scale mass production.

In the next four years, the market size of the vehicle drive motor is expected to exceed 150 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 40%. The combination of market and policy has attracted many companies to invest in the automotive drive motor market. Large companies have big investments and leading gatherings, but this is not necessarily a good thing for most small and medium-sized motor companies.

Market huge enterprise focus

In recent years, the state has vigorously supported the manufacturing industry. With the gradual implementation of the new energy subsidy policy, the mass production and mass production have been promoted, and the sales volume of the whole machine industry has increased rapidly. As a core component, the motor has naturally benefited from the big cake in the market.

Recently, the research institute EVTank released the "China New Energy Vehicle Drive Motor Market Research Report". The report shows that in 2016, the Chinese market electricity companies sold a total of 559,000 drive motors, and the installed capacity of motor enterprises accounted for 44.56% of the total installed capacity. Among them, the number of motors consumed by pure electric vehicles is 248,000, accounting for 44.44%.

Strong consumer demand, in the face of huge market and national subsidy policy support, has attracted many companies in the vehicle drive motor market deployment strategy.

According to the new energy vehicle installation data released by the China National Machinery Center, there were 128 motor suppliers in 2016, including 36 car companies and 92 motor companies. The number of motor companies in 2017 showed an increasing trend.

The number of small enterprises involved in motor production has increased, and large enterprises have increased investment in research and development, constantly improving the quality of motor products and developing into the medium and high-end market.

On August 24, Huichuan Technology increased its active position in the field of logistics vehicles and passenger vehicles. On August 28th, Lanhai Huateng revealed that it will further promote research and development, increase investment in the motor controller market of passenger cars, and plan the coordinated development of industrial automation + new energy automobile industry. On September 1, InBol entered into a long-term supply relationship with leading OEMs such as Geely and Zotye. On September 3, Founder Motor plans to raise 400 million yuan to invest in new energy vehicle projects.

The market for vehicle drive motors is huge, the subsidy policy supports development, and large-scale listed motor companies expand their investment. However, for many small and medium-sized enterprises, too early and excessive investment in the market will face significant risks.

Risk is greater than revenue

The new energy vehicle market is generally optimistic, but the big bit reporter learned that in the first half of this year, the top ten listed motor companies in revenues experienced different declines in revenues in the new energy vehicle business.

The person in charge of Huichuan Technology said that the new energy vehicle business in the first half of the year was less than expected. The cumulative sales volume of new energy buses in January-June was 2,964 units, down 60% year-on-year, resulting in a significant reduction in demand for the corresponding electronic control industry.

Dayang Electric said that the new energy vehicle sector was affected by the policy year-on-year decline, production and sales were lower than expected, especially the production and sales of new energy commercial vehicles and hybrid vehicles fell sharply year-on-year, and system revenue fell by 31.29%.

The implementation of the subsidy policy, the market needs a period of transition, the large business chain is rich, the funds are strong, there is a certain pressure of compression, but for most SMEs, the risk is greater than the income.

Recently, environmental protection supervision has led to a surge in raw materials. Upstream raw material suppliers have started to raise prices of raw materials and products. The price hikes are in full swing, indirectly affecting motor companies.

Director of Dongchang (Shenzhen) Motor Co., Ltd. Wang Ru said: "The environmental supervision has also had some impact on the motor industry, mainly in the supply of raw materials. Environmental supervision, tight supply of raw materials, soaring prices, supply of motor products and Prices have an impact"

The reason why motor small enterprises invest in the vehicle drive motor market is risky. In addition to the policy implementation of the transition period and environmental supervision, the price of raw materials has risen, and the supply chain has two aspects. The most important factor is core technology and research and development capabilities. Compared with motor enterprises that have been operating for many years with core technology, many SMEs have no obvious technical advantages. Under the fierce market competition, products are homogenized and singular, and there is a risk that the shortage of orders will be closed and the quality of products will be questioned.

Manager Xu Wenju of Hangzhou Saisi Servo Motor Co., Ltd. said that the motor covers a wide range, but with the market's requirements for quality and technology, the research and development costs of small enterprises, if the technology can not keep up with the market adjustment, will eventually eliminate some enterprises.

The market for vehicle drive motors is huge, and national policy support has advantages and disadvantages for motor companies. According to the data of, the development of the field of vehicle drive motors in the next four years will show the trend of global expansion, volume increase and stability, and leading concentration. China's motor enterprises need to review the situation and grasp the wind direction. SMEs should invest rationally and avoid risks.

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