The Motor Industry Is Expected To Grow Itself By Leveraging The Development Of New Energy Vehicles

- Oct 18, 2018-

The motor industry is expected to grow itself by leveraging the development of new energy vehicles

With the continuous growth of electric vehicle production and sales, electronically controlled motors are the core components of the new energy automobile industry chain, and the market scale will continue to expand. The agency expects that by 2020, China's new energy vehicle ownership will reach 5 million, and the cumulative market size of drive motors and electronic control systems is expected to reach 160 billion yuan.

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the total output of new energy vehicles in China has reached 379,000 units last year. Among them, the output of pure electric passenger cars and plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles reached 142,800 and 63,600 respectively, up more than 3 times year-on-year; the cumulative output of pure electric commercial vehicles and plug-in commercial vehicles was 14.79 respectively. Ten thousand vehicles and 24,600 vehicles. With the continuous follow-up of new energy vehicle incentive policies, the market size is expected to increase significantly in 2016. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to April this year, the cumulative production and sales volume of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 90,000 units, an increase of about 130% year-on-year. The production and sales of new energy vehicles have shown a significant acceleration.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, the midstream of the new energy automobile industry chain constitutes the core components of electric vehicles, including drive motors, electronic control systems and power batteries, accounting for most of the cost of new energy vehicles. Among them, the drive motor and electronic control system accounted for 25%. At present, China's new energy vehicle motor system accounts for nearly 15% of the total vehicle cost, and it has a broad market space in the field of new energy vehicles.

From a global perspective, foreign new energy vehicles started early in all aspects, and professional parts companies have obvious advantages in technology and market concentration. In the field of motor systems, due to strict technical requirements and high technical confidentiality, the general international large-scale vehicle manufacturers have independently completed the manufacture and assembly of the drive system design to the motor parts. Only some independent motor suppliers can enter the drive. System supply chain. At present, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Nissan's automotive motor systems are all supplied internally.

Compared with foreign mature supporting supplies, China's new energy automobile industry is in the early stage of development, and most of the vehicle companies cooperate with different motor electronic control companies. Since last year, the motor electronic control industry has entered the stage of stock competition. With the policy overweight and the merger and reorganization, the concentration of the industry will be greatly improved.

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