The Motor Industry Is The First To Use Double - Layer Capacitors Of The Elevator Regeneration

- Oct 08, 2018-

Japan's mitsubishi corporation has developed ELECHARGE, a system that stores and reuses renewable electricity.Will be available as an optional configuration for the company's standard AXIEZ series, which went on sale on October 17, 2011.The price is individual, starting from 1.8 million yen (tax-inclusive).

The construction is to use the steel cable to hoist the car in which the man is riding and the balance hammer to the winch of the hoist like the bucket of the water well.Since the weight of the balance hammer is set at about half of the rated load, it will start the regenerative operation of the motor to generate the regenerative power when the weight is set at almost full load or when the weight rises at a low number of passengers.

The newly developed system can store the generated regenerative power in the double-layer capacitor and reuse it for operation.Using this system, the power consumption can be reduced by about 25% (compared with products with rated load of 1000kg and rated speed of 105m/ min).

Mitsubishi said the use of double-layer capacitors in its regenerative power storage system was the first in the industry.The charging and discharging efficiency is about 20% higher than that of ordinary ni-mh rechargeable batteries.In addition to almost no aging due to charge-discharge, charge-discharge can be controlled by newly developed unified temperature and voltage monitoring technology. The product life (replacement cycle) is more than 10 years, which is longer than ni-mh charging battery.In addition, aluminum and activated carbon are used in the electrode part, and the inner circuit board is made of materials with less environmental load, such as lead-free circuit board.

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