The Motor Itself Will Soon Become A Smart Motor

- Nov 11, 2018-

The motor itself will soon become a smart motor

With the development of China's motor technology, some national energy-saving industry giants continue to increase the Chinese motor market. Coincidentally, on the same day of Emerson's “two-pronged” business cooperation merger and acquisition, Robert Bosch Motor (China) Co., Ltd.'s independent operation start-up event was held in Changsha, marking the establishment of Robert Bosch Motor's China headquarters in Changsha, which is also the headquarters of Germany. Outside Bosch is the only research center for starters and generators worldwide.

Robert Bosch Motors (China) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German Bosch Group in Changsha Economic Development Zone. It mainly develops and produces starters and generators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles, as well as energy-saving and environmentally friendly start-stop systems. Starter and hybrid system motors.

In fact, not only in the field of new energy vehicles and rail transit, but also in various sub-sectors including power plant air cooling technology, power plant secondary equipment, carbon capture and storage, frequency converters, energy-saving transformers, high-efficiency motors, power electronics and components. High-efficiency motors are widely used.

Among them, the leading companies with outstanding technical advantages are particularly eye-catching. The leader of the differential motor industry, Wolong Electric, is such a typical. Wolong Electric has high-end technologies such as servo control and variable frequency drive technology, synchronous permanent magnet motor technology, high voltage grade traction transformer manufacturing technology, linear motor long stator and its winding technology. It can be seen that its motor product chain is rich, and the motor application scheme technology is relatively high. mature.

The editor of China Transmission Network believes that with the rapid spread of the Internet of Things, it is estimated that in the near future, the motor itself will soon become a smart motor, or simply add a smart sensor to network the motor and transfer its status information to the necessary Control component. As the key core technology bottlenecks of China's electric motors continue to be overcome, under the circumstance of the good situation and national policies, driven by the emerging industries, especially industrial robots, new energy vehicles and other industrial needs, China's motor industry is bound to be in full swing. The way is not limited, domestic motor companies should strengthen their confidence, overcome difficulties, do not forget the initial heart, continue to move forward, and walk out of a "motor road" with Chinese characteristics.

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