The Nation's First Export Small And Medium Motor Quality Safety Forum Was Held

- Nov 10, 2018-

The country's first export small and medium motor quality and safety forum was held to broaden the vision of enterprise transformation and upgrading

On the afternoon of May 18, Ningde Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Fu'an Municipal People's Government held the first national small and medium-sized motor quality safety forum in Fuan.

The forum invited four experts from the first prize of Fujian Province Technology Invention, Lin Shi, to give lectures, including the frontier technology and development prospects of small and medium-sized motors, the status quo and development vision of Fuan Motor Industry, how to build a management system for modern enterprises, and the export certification of mechanical and electrical products. The four major themes of the situation. According to reports, this forum is based on the development of service enterprises, improving quality and safety awareness, promoting industrial upgrading, raising awareness of the importance of quality and safety of export products through lectures, and increasing knowledge of small and medium-sized motor frontier technologies and modern enterprise management. The vision of the transformation and upgrading of export motor companies.


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