The New Foreign Trade Opportunity That Cannot Be Missed

- Dec 04, 2018-

The "new foreign trade" opportunity that cannot be missed

The traditional electromechanical foreign trade system with "exclusive export" as its main feature originates from the traditional electromechanical industrial structure with "manufacturing cost advantage" as its core competitiveness. When the "cost advantage" is gradually lost, "OEM export" is difficult to sustain, and the future of China's electromechanical industry needs to match a new foreign trade system.

This "new foreign trade" system must greatly improve efficiency compared with "old foreign trade". It must support the "independent brand export" of China's mechanical and electrical products, and must help Chinese manufacturing enterprises to enhance their position in the industrial chain and value chain. The Internet is a solution that is close at hand.

In the view of Tu Yusi, the founder and CEO of Tuolaisi, the transformation and subversion of the traditional foreign trade industry chain by the Internet is an opportunity for China's mechanical and electrical products and industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises to participate in the establishment of a "new foreign trade" system. .

"Through the Internet channel, Chinese manufacturers can directly sell products to overseas terminal customers, and gradually get rid of the dependence on foreign trade intermediaries' order placement and underwriting. Moreover, after removing many intermediate links, the efficiency of the entire foreign trade industry chain will be greatly improved. : Not only greatly reduces the procurement cost of overseas customers, but also enhances the competitiveness of products in overseas markets. Moreover, Chinese manufacturers can also obtain higher profits.

Subvert the intermediate links and greatly improve the efficiency of the foreign trade industry chain

"More importantly, Chinese manufacturers enter the overseas market with their own brands and interact directly with end users, which will force and promote their breakthrough in R&D and design." Fu Yufeng stressed.

Tuolaisi "Electrical and Mechanical New Foreign Trade" Solution

In fact, Tuolaisi, founded by Fu Yufeng, is one of the earliest explorers of “Electrical and Electrical New Foreign Trade”.

As early as 18 years ago, the predecessor of Thollas began to export China's "metal processing machinery" to the United States by e-commerce. At present, it has accumulated more than 30,000 enterprise-level terminal customers in the United States, with annual sales of about 20 million US dollars, ranking among the top five vendors in the field. Its suppliers are more than 40 metal processing machinery manufacturers from Shandong, Anhui and Jiangsu.

In October 2015, Tuolaisi decided to create a new “cross-border e-commerce platform focusing on industrial equipment and direct terminal users (M2U) from the original factory”, and accumulated its experience, capabilities and experience over the past 10 years. Resources are all shared with China's mechanical and electrical products and industrial equipment manufacturing enterprises.

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