The Noise In The Cooling Fan Is Not Equal To The Noise!

- Nov 24, 2018-

The noise in the cooling fan is not equal to the noise!

The cooling fan used in industrial production is more or less a little noisy, and it is impossible to have no sound at all. However, many people mistake the noise in the cooling fan for abnormal sounds, and feel that the product seems to have problems, making people at work feel annoyed. So, since the noise in the cooling fan is not equal to the abnormal sound, how to distinguish it?

First, let's see what is the noise of the cooling fan?

The noise of the cooling fan is caused by the fact that the blades of the cooling fan are periodically subjected to the pulsating force of the uneven airflow of the outlet, for example, the uneven distribution of the pressure on the blade itself and the blade, and the disturbance of the surrounding gas and the parts during the rotation. It also constitutes rotating noise. In addition, there is eddy current noise generated by the pulsation of the pressure distribution on the blade due to the flow of the gas through the blade to produce the sag, the vortex and the vortex. In general, the noise of the cooling fan is closely related to the movement of the blades, which is physical noise.

For the same series of cooling fan fans, the greater the wind pressure, the greater the noise. Therefore, we must reasonably choose the fan form according to the actual situation, because the excessive amount of excess not only wastes energy, but also increases noise, which is disadvantageous for us. For the same type of cooling fan, fans with low speed should be used as much as possible. For different types of fans, choose lower noise, not just the speed.

Then look at how the noise of the cooling fan is generated.

The noise of the cooling fan is different from the noise. The noise sounds only a simple wind, and the abnormal sound, in addition to the wind, there are other sounds (with more than two sounds). The occurrence of abnormal sound may be due to foreign matter or deformation in the bearing, as well as collision due to improper assembly, or uneven winding of the motor winding, resulting in looseness.

We generally use the method of close-to-ear listening for abnormal sounds. The subjective factors are large, it is not easy to identify, and it is easy to be controversial. If the number of fans used is large, it can be viewed by means of spectrum analysis equipment, and the noise spectrum energy distribution can recognize the abnormal sound. .

At present, industrial cooling fans dissipate heat and dust the equipment, maintain air circulation in the workshop, etc. The application range of the cooling fan is very wide, so it is necessary to know how to distinguish the noise and abnormal sound in the cooling fan.

Tips: A good cooling fan will have high speed, low noise and long life.


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