The Number Of Electric Motors Consumes 60% Of The Electricity In Chinese Industry

- Oct 13, 2018-

electric motors

The 2011 International Conference on Equipment Engineering Supervision was held on November 2, 2011. The picture shows Longdi, the head of the EU project of the China Investment and Technology Promotion Office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the vice chairman of the China Carbon Forum. According to statistics, the number of electric motors consumes 60% of the electricity in China's industrial sector, compared with the international best practice level, said Long Di, head of the EU project team at the China Investment and Technology Promotion Office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. China's motor efficiency is 10% to 30% lower.

Long Di made the above speech at the 2011 International Conference on Equipment Engineering Supervision. The following is the full text of Long Di's speech:

Long Di: Thank you very much Mr. Chairman for the introduction. I am here not only to speak on behalf of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, but also to speak on behalf of China’s Carbon Forum. The China Carbon Forum is a relatively small institution that brings together institutions that do climate change in China, such as governments, NGOs, and other institutions, to communicate through such forums. Today, I mainly speak on behalf of the China Carbon Forum. Because my work is related to industry, especially low-carbon industry, so I will give you some examples, some of the projects I have done. Mainly not about safety and quality issues, but also environmental issues. Because in international cooperation, our main focus should be on environmental protection, that is, to make the industry cleaner, and environmental protection should be first.

We also recognize the important role of equipment engineering supervision because it ensures that all projects are safe and the quality is reliable. Many people have been asked a lot of questions, such as what methods we should use to make the project environment more sustainable, especially in terms of energy efficiency, because the Chinese government now emphasizes the efficiency of energy regulation, and energy efficiency also involves Savings to infrastructure. The efficiency of resources is becoming more and more an issue and will become more and more important. Today I am going to introduce two examples of resources and energy efficiency.

The first case, the challenge of China's electric motor. Specifically, it is the energy efficiency of the motor system. The challenge is how to make Chinese electric motors more energy efficient. We work with the National Standardization Committee of China to make a project that makes motors more energy efficient. According to our statistics, the number of electric motors consumes 60% of the electricity in China's industrial industry, and systems such as pressure pumps are power-hungry. Compared with the national best practice level, China's motor efficiency is 10% to 30% lower. The energy saving of the motor system is also listed as the most achievable goal by the International Climate Committee, which is of great economic significance.

We can use more energy-efficient motors, so how do we do such a project? Promote more energy-efficient motors in China. By sharing the Asian project, the EU donated 1 million euros of funds. This is not an investment in the project, but an investment in the organization to ensure that the motor can be more efficient. The focus of the project is to promote the development of energy services, and to make other companies more energy-efficient through investment, such as energy service industry and benefit industry.

Expanding the market for energy-efficient motors, how to contact some of China's manufacturing companies to let them know that they can replace the original with more efficient motors. We work closely with local governments to help them implement energy efficiency measures. The electric motor does play a very important role. Think about the experts coming to you, make sure you are using the right equipment and make sure everything is safe and of high quality.

You can also make suggestions to make other companies' systems more energy efficient. Sometimes you don't know what the best solution is, but at least you can let your customers understand the situation, they do have the possibility to be more energy efficient. This picture shows the time of the project. We have trained Chinese energy service companies to make their motors more effective. This is a very technical training. In addition, we have done such projects with some factories in different cities in China. The local government has convened 100 companies to listen to our introductions, make these companies' electric motors more energy efficient, and help their companies to establish a database to understand the higher standards of electric motors.

If the motor you sell in China can't meet certain energy efficiency standards, it's illegal. Sometimes people just want to buy the cheapest things, but they don't realize that this product is not the cheapest as time goes by, just seeing today. The price of the motor, look at the life cycle of the product, many times found that the first to buy a motor with energy-saving effect, from the perspective of the product life cycle is to save money. We have also made other policy efforts, such as the NDRC subsidy program and incentive funds, we want to ensure that the highest level of motor is listed in this subsidy list.

We have upgraded more than 400 motors and have reduced carbon emissions by 1 million tons per year, which is a very large number. It was actually very difficult for the project. We spent 1 million Euros and achieved such good results. The price of carbon emissions in Europe is 22 euros per ton, and we get better carbon dioxide emissions in a very cheap way. Of course, there are other effects, like training, that let the companies that are trained realize that they have better choices, that the understanding of electric motors is getting deeper and deeper, and they are still developing. What I want to say is to ask everyone to consider the motor. This is a very important area in which you can get energy savings. Even if you don't know how to do it, you need to know this, as is the boiler equipment.

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