The Prospect Of Energy-saving Motors Is Very Promising

- Nov 08, 2018-

The prospect of energy-saving motors is very promising

In 2014, the ultra-efficient copper rotor motor provided by Yunnan Copper Die Casting Technology Co., Ltd., which was developed and produced by Nanyang Explosion Protection Group, won the international efficiency medal and attracted wide attention from the industry. This is the first international award in the field of electrical machinery in China, representing China's high-efficiency and energy-saving motor technology reaching the world's advanced level. However, Wei Huazhen, chairman of Nanyang Explosion-proof Group, said in a reporter that the copper rotor motor has advantages in energy saving. The prospect of energy-saving motor is very promising, but it is facing difficulties in the promotion process.

All kinds of inefficient small and medium-sized motors are the first largest consumers of electricity. The efficiency and power factor of traditional motors are very low at low load. In actual use, the phenomenon of large horse-drawn cars is very serious. The rare earth permanent disk type ironless motor technology is applied to energy saving effects in industrial sawing machines, precision milling machines, bench drills, diesel power stations and other fields. Obviously, the promotion ratio of this technology is expected to increase from the current less than 1% to 5% in the next five years.

However, for a long time, China's motor life is 3% to 5% lower than that of foreign countries, and the operating system efficiency is 10% to 20% lower than that of foreign countries. In 2013, China's motor ownership was about 1.7 billion kilowatts, and the total power consumption was 3 trillion kilowatt hours, accounting for 64% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society and 75% of industrial electricity. The data shows that if the efficiency of the motor system is increased by 5% to 8%, the annual electricity savings are equivalent to the power generation of two or three Three Gorges Dams. "Bronze rotor motor, which represents the world's highest level of electric motor formation." Wang Qinping, executive vice president of China Energy Conservation Association, used a set of data to objectively explain the power consumption of the motor and the significance of improving the energy consumption of the motor.

Therefore, based on the current market situation, the national motor efficiency can be saved by more than 260 billion kilowatts per year by one percentage point. If the motor system efficiency is increased by 5% to 8%, the annual energy savings are equivalent to two to three Three Gorges reservoirs. Power generation.

Wei Huaying said that the reasons for the difficulty in promoting high-efficiency motors are also positively related to factors such as the delay in the implementation of domestic high-efficiency motor standards. "At present, the standards for domestic high-efficiency motors are the same as those for international high-efficiency motors, but the implementation time is different. It is at least five years behind the United States." To this end, Wei Huaxuan called on the state to introduce more effective policies as soon as possible to clear the various industries. Link to promote the promotion efficiency of high-end motors.

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