The Robot Industry Is Welcoming A Strategic Opportunity Period. Motor Technology Is The Heart.

- Nov 15, 2018-

The robot industry is welcoming a strategic opportunity period. Motor technology is the heart.

China's current industrial development is relatively small and its competitiveness is weak. However, China's industrial system is complete and the industrial chain is complete, which provides good conditions for the manufacture of end products, and the industry has huge room for growth. Regardless of the robot, the drone or the simple electric vehicle, it is actually a motor-based drive system, and the development of the motor field is crucial.

China is currently the country with the largest number of applied robots, but its industrial development is relatively small and its competitiveness is weak. Wu Xinzhang, a tenured professor of the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, said in an exclusive interview with the China Securities Journal. "The level of the domestic robot industry is still in the Internet industry to the level of 1995, but the industry has huge room for growth." China Robotics Industry It is expected to use the "Made in China 2025" to achieve overtaking.

The development of the robot industry is huge

Wu Xinzhang pointed out that in the past decade or so, the United States has attached great importance to advanced manufacturing, and in recent years has also called for the return of manufacturing. "The return of American manufacturing" largely refers to the use of robots instead of manual labor. "In the next ten years, the United States will also vigorously promote advanced manufacturing, cutting into new fields such as precision medicine, brain programs, advanced automobiles, smart cities, clean energy, energy-saving technologies, educational technology, space exploration, and computers. Will play an important role."

And China's high-end manufacturing industry has also ushered in a rare historical opportunity. Wu Xinzhang said that the government attaches importance to "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", which brings a good environment for industrial development. China's robot industry is expected to take advantage of the "Made in China 2025" strategic opportunity to achieve cornering overtaking. However, the investment in China's industrial capital in the field of robotics is currently less than one percent of the total capital, and there is huge room for investment and development in the future. At the same time, China's industrial system is complete and the industrial chain is complete, providing good conditions for manufacturing end products. “In the past year or so, hundreds of robot companies have been born in China, and many VCs are actively following up.”

Motor technology is the "heart" of the industry

“This wave of air outlets should be called “intelligent electromechanical systems.” Regardless of robots, drones or simple electric vehicles, it is actually a motor-based drive system. This is why the motor industry is called the robotics field. Pearl, the heart of the industry." Wu Xinzhang said.

The development of the motor field is crucial, but currently Chinese robotics companies are still using foreign motors. Luo Jun, CEO of the International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Alliance, said that China relies heavily on imports for medium and high-end reducers, controllers and motors.

Wu Xinzhang said that China's motor quality still does not reach the most advanced level in foreign countries. "Motor production is not only a design problem, but also a process problem. The domestic process has not solved the problem of process production, especially mass production. Although the current process of national defense manufacturing is sufficient, the accuracy of civil motors needs to be improved."



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