The Rotor Of No. 2 Generator Of Xinjiang Karamay Thermal Power Project Is Put In Place

- Oct 23, 2018-

The rotor of No. 2 generator of Xinjiang Karamay Thermal Power Project is put in place

Recently, the Asian Fluid Network reporter learned from China's Anhui Electric Power Construction Company that the generator rotor of Unit 2 of the Xinjiang Guodian Karamay 2×350MW Thermal Power Project was successfully put into place, laying the foundation for the subsequent installation work of the turbine cover and other parts. A solid foundation.


It is understood that the No. 2 generator rotor has a net weight of 54.5 tons, a length of 10.9 meters and a maximum diameter of 1.18 meters. The installation process is difficult and the installation accuracy is high. In order to ensure the successful wearing of the rotor once, the Karamay project department of Anhui Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. was carefully deployed, and a special command team was set up to formulate the “Guide to the Installation of Generator Rotors”, and actively coordinated the owners, supervisors and equipment manufacturers to complete the rotor. Ventilation test, electrical test and generator stator air tightness test and various electrical thermal test. Before the dressing, the company's Karamay project carried out all-round inspection and cleaning work on the generator stator and rotor according to the fine construction requirements and clean installation standards of Guodian Group, preventing debris and dust pollution, and organizing relevant operators. We carried out meticulous safety technology and carried out quality inspection and acceptance on lifting equipment such as driving and traction tools, ensuring safe operation. After two consecutive hours of intense and orderly work, the generator rotor entered the stator 安全 safely and smoothly, and was smoothly put into place.

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