The Solution Of Speed Adjustment Fault Of Cheap High Torque Dc Motor

- Aug 13, 2019-

The solution of speed adjustment fault of cheap high torque dc motor

The DC decelerating motor is convenient for everyone to adjust the speed according to their own needs in the production process. This everyone's production has brought about aspects, but there will also be failures, that is, the speed adjustment is not obvious. Now we provide you with a method to adjust the DC speed regulating motor spring to solve this problem.

Specific actions:

First, disconnect the power, unplug the box machine, loosen the box cover screw, remove the box cover.

Second, the use of hexagonal wrench adjustment of each spring screw, DC speed control motor controller in the running rod to achieve the best results.

Third, if there is a jitter phenomenon in the time bar, the tension of the balance spring is too large and the above operation is repeated.

Fourth, connect the power supply of the channel gate, press the controller's <UNK> or <UNK> key, so that the DC speed regulating motor controller runs up and down 90 degrees 4 to 5 times, such as the phenomenon of jitter in the time bar of the falling rod, indicating that the balance spring tension is not enough, and the DC speed regulating motor controller is operated. Vertical state.

Fifth, if the rod, DC speed regulating motor controller has the DC speed regulating motor controller does not act, indicating that the balance pull spring tension is insufficient, adjust the pull spring state or increase the Galla spring, until the DC speed regulating motor controller is operating normally.

Through the above description, it can help us to try to adjust the spring when the speed control of the DC speed regulating motor is not obvious, which will effectively help us solve the root cause of the problem.


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