The Trend In The Motor Industry Is The Brushless DC Motor

- Oct 12, 2018-

Talking about the technical trend of the motor, Li Zhilin introduced that the brushed DC motor is the best motor used so far. Its advantage is that the control is very simple, and the rotor's moment of inertia is relatively small. It fixes the brush to the stator and has two probes that allow it to contact the coil wires on the rotor that are divided into different areas on the rotor. This architecture has a bad place. Its brush slips when it comes into contact with the rotor commutator every time it is commutated, because it sometimes insulates, sometimes it touches and sparks. At the same time, there will be friction between the brush and the commutator, and there will be sparks, so some applications cannot be used, and the precision of its control is limited. The brushless DC motor has the permanent magnet on the rotor and the winding on the stator. Therefore, the motor has no brush or steering gear, which is the most widely used and is the trend of future home appliance applications.

The improvement of motor energy efficiency level is of great significance for energy conservation and environmental protection. Countries have formulated motor energy efficiency standards and issued laws and regulations to enforce them. From the perspective of long-term development trend, the inefficient and energy-consuming ordinary motors will gradually be replaced by environmentally-friendly and energy-saving high-efficiency motors.

TI's motor development direction

Regarding TI's future development direction in the field of motors, Li Zhilin will go in the following directions:

1. Embedded control, such as when the brushless motor is turned, we will detect the steering and phase. The brush motor is commutated by the probe. TRBC has no sensor. At this time, the detection and control functions are placed on us. Inside the chip.

2, there are very advanced control algorithms, we have a department in the world to do this algorithm. Recently, there is a best transfer algorithm FOC in the field of motor control. In our 16-bit microcontroller, we have moved into the FOC algorithm. We call it the FOC algorithm of the reduced instruction.

3. Digital control loop. There is a benefit to doing a digital control loop. It turns out that an analog device needs to debug and change some parameters, which may change the organization of some resistors and capacitors. Now we use the digital control mode, and we can directly change the parameters with software, so that the customer The product will run faster.

4, higher integration, there are a lot of peripheral control, the current loop detection part is also placed in the chip, will put some isolation circuit inside, so our integration will be higher.

5, our motor's accuracy, linearity is higher, for example, we have to subdivide into 256, or semi-flow, the motor is running at full current during operation, but the current is reduced when running or not running.

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