The World's First AP1000 Nuclear Power Unit Enters The Key Main Equipment Installation Phase

- Sep 30, 2018-

It was learned from the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation that China’s third-generation nuclear power autonomy project in Sanmen, Zhejiang, and the world’s first AP1000 nuclear power unit successfully hoisted the heart equipment reactor pressure vessel on the 22nd. The completion of this engineering node means that the unit enters the critical master installation phase.

Located in the center of the nuclear reactor building, the pressure vessel can contain and support the reactor core. It is one of the most critical equipment in the tens of thousands of nuclear power plants and the most important safety barrier. It is the heart of the nuclear power plant. This time, the first reactor pressure vessel in the construction of four AP1000 nuclear power units in China was designed by Westinghouse of the United States. China's one heavy [3.97 - 1.00% stock research report] produced forgings, and Korea Doosan Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

According to the National Nuclear Technology Corporation, the pressure vessel equivalent to a three-story building is not difficult to hoist. It needs a temporary roof covering a steel containment 52 meters above the ground. It must also be missed in the gap of 155 mm. The insulation layer is used for construction work. The hoisting lasted for 1 hour and 52 minutes and was successfully hoisted at 12:18. 

The National Nuclear Technology Corporation said that the world's first AP1000 nuclear power unit, which was started in April 2009, will be built to power generation in 2013. The construction process has not been affected by the Fukushima accident in Japan. It is reported that the five nuclear power plants of this unit have all started construction, and will usher in the peak of equipment installation. The installation work of the conventional island has also been fully launched.

It is reported that the localization of equipment is a huge challenge for the construction of four AP1000 nuclear power units. The delivery period of domestically produced equipment has some impact on the construction period of the unit. According to reports, the localization rate of the equipment of the first unit will reach 30%, and the other three will reach 50%, 60%-70% and 70%-80% respectively. It is expected that the localization will be basically realized from the fifth unit.

The AP1000 is a third-generation nuclear power technology with higher security. It adopts a passive safety system that does not rely on external power. It can run automatically in the event of an accident. It does not require AC power. It can eliminate the possibility of human error within 72 hours without operator intervention.

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