The World's First Dual-motor Dual Automatic Transmission Design Fills The International Gap

- Nov 08, 2018-

The world's first dual-motor dual automatic transmission design fills the international gap

On April 19th, Nanjing Yuebo Power Co., Ltd. released a new pure electric bus powertrain product, which is the world's first dual-motor dual automatic transmission design, filling the international gap in one fell swoop.

Pure electric vehicles suffer from "heart disease"

The powertrain is the "heart" of pure electric vehicles, which determines the performance of the entire vehicle. “When the industry focuses on battery life, the powertrain system is often overlooked as a very important link.” Dr. Li Zhanjiang, Chairman of Nanjing Yuebo Power Systems Co., Ltd., said at the press conference that the current domestic electric vehicles The main direct-drive mode has disadvantages such as low comprehensive efficiency, high energy consumption, and poor climb, which restricts the application and promotion of new energy electric vehicles. “To meet the speed of 0-120 km, the speed of the motor is only used to change the speed of the vehicle. The efficient working area only takes up a small part. When it encounters complicated road conditions, it consumes a lot of energy. If it is working for a long time, the life of the motor, etc. Every aspect will be affected."

Joint research to seize technology to the highest point

It is understood that at present, Nanjing Yuebo joins hands with the School of Automotive Engineering of Jilin University, the State Key Laboratory of Automotive Simulation and Control, and builds Jiangsu Enterprise Postgraduate Workstation, Nanjing Engineering Technology Research Center, Nanjing Enterprise Technology Center and Nanjing Industrial Design Center. Innovate with the model of integration of production, education and research to seize the highest point.

At this new product launch conference, Nanjing Yuebo announced more powerful technical research and development results for different models. Taking passenger car DET products as an example, it integrates two sets of motor systems for the first time in the world, two sets of automatic shifting systems and vehicle control systems, which achieves continuous changes in power from 0 to 4200 Nm during the driving of passenger cars. Once again, it broke through the technical bottleneck of the current large-scale passenger cars. The two motor systems have different operating characteristics, and the coordinated use makes the battery performance more reasonable.

In addition, Nanjing Yuebo provides a more powerful and high-speed cruising capability for the pure electric four-drive system designed for light passenger cars and SUVs. The two-wheel bridge integrated design for mini vans makes the vehicle dynamic and The economy is on a higher level.

Third-party leading companies are about to rise

With the surge in sales of new energy vehicles, electric vehicle powertrain manufacturers have also become investment hotspots as the first beneficiaries. Since 2015, according to incomplete statistics, 25 listed companies such as Founder Motor, Wanma, BYD, SAIC, Dayang, and DuPont have expanded their investment in new energy vehicle-related businesses through various forms such as raising funds. These investments include new energy vehicles, power batteries, charging facilities, powertrain systems, etc., with an investment scale of over RMB 53 billion.

Industry insiders pointed out that compared with the technical route of lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium battery and hydrogen fuel in the battery field, the technical route of the motor is not too controversial, and the international trend is the integration of motors, electric drives, gearboxes, etc. R & D, system assembly supply is the trend of the times. At the same time, at the same time, the domestic new energy vehicle manufacturing standards have been relaxed, a large number of non-traditional vehicle companies have entered the industry, and fast-growing downstream customers will spawn the rise of professional third-party system assembly suppliers.

However, in the era of new energy vehicles, only the first to master the core technology can really benefit. According to reports, Nanjing Yuebo has obtained nearly 50 core intellectual property rights, 17 invention patents, and applied for 2 international invention PCT patents. Appraised by the national authoritative appraisal agency, the core technology of Yuebo New Energy Vehicle Powertrain has reached the domestic leading level. The products developed by it have the characteristics of short acceleration time, excellent climbing performance, light weight, high comprehensive efficiency and long cruising range. It has successfully served the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and applied in batches in more than 60 domestic vehicle manufacturers such as Dongfeng, Changan, Nanjing Jinlong and Xiamen Golden Travel.

Double motor double automatic transmission

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