The World's Largest Nuclear Power Plant First

- Oct 11, 2018-

The world's largest nuclear power plant first

WISCO silicon steel entered the nuclear power field, and Taishan Nuclear Power, the world's largest nuclear power unit, used the Chinese core for the first time. This is another major project after the WISCO silicon steel is supplied to the Three Gorges.

It is understood that in 2008, WISCO launched the production arrangement of nuclear power steel. By 2011, WISCO has the mass production capacity of industrialized steel for nuclear power. Since nuclear power projects are related to national environmental safety, nuclear power enterprises have extremely high requirements for products. All silicon steel production records and technical materials must be maintained for 60 years.

According to the relevant personnel of the WISCO Silicon Steel Business Unit, WISCO Silicon Steel successfully entered the high-end field of the nuclear power market, demonstrating the strong strength of WISCO in the field of silicon steel to participate in world competition.

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