The World's Largest Power Narrow-gauge Diesel Locomotive Debuts Today

- Nov 06, 2018-

The world's largest power narrow-gauge diesel locomotive debuted today, and its "heart" comes from the medium-sized car Yongji

On the morning of March 15, China CRRC held a grand opening ceremony for the export of the South African diesel locomotive off-line and loop test line. As its core component supplier, the company's chairman and general manager Nan Qinlong, deputy general manager Wang Bin and the company's relevant technical staff were invited to attend.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the main leaders and guests of the conference jointly pressed the locomotive to start the laser ball. The eight characters of "Connecting the World for the benefit of mankind" flashed brightly on the laser ball. The locomotive whistleed on the ring test line, marking China's export to South Africa. The implementation of the diesel locomotive project has entered a new phase.

The diesel locomotive is the world's most powerful narrow-gauge diesel locomotive with a gauge of 1065 mm, a power of 3,300 kW and a top speed of 100 km/h. The indicators are among the world's advanced. "The train runs fast, it depends on the headband." How fast the front can run can be multiplied, depending on how much traction power the locomotive traction system can provide, so the traction system is called the "heart" of the locomotive. The "heart" of the South African diesel locomotive that was off the assembly line was provided by CRRC Yongji Electric Company.

According to the contract for the supply of 232 diesel locomotives signed by China CRRC and the South African state-owned transportation group, Yongji Electric Co., Ltd. is responsible for providing complete electric drive system products such as main generator, traction motor, traction auxiliary converter and other traction system. Localized production.

Then the question is coming - how "healthy" is this "heart"? How "strong" is it? Yongji Electric Company actively responds to and respects the individual needs of customers, and fully considers the harsh environment and special requirements of the product in South Africa, and tailors it to it. For example, when the locomotive is running in coastal areas, it will encounter high humidity and high salinity, and it has a strong corrosive environment. When the locomotive runs inland, it will face the test of dryness, dustiness and windy. , Yongji Electric has been carefully considered. In addition, the designers actively carry out research on the main technical parameters and technical requirements of the products. In the previous test process, the data showed that the autonomous traction system is stable and reliable, fully meeting the operational requirements.

As the locomotive is about to "run" in South Africa, Yongji Motor Company will actively work with the brother companies to create a "medium car heart" that will serve South Africa's soil and water.

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