Three Heating Test Methods For Cheap Paper Shredder Gear Motor

- May 21, 2019-

Three heating test methods for cheap Paper Shredder Gear Motor

The DC geared motor may heat up when it is used. We know that if its temperature is too high, it will easily cause damage to the machine. This requires us to control the temperature, and the control needs to test the temperature rise. Test method, let's take a look at it:

1, the determination of working temperature

The measurement of the temperature rise of the measured DC geared motor is usually carried out simultaneously with the measurement of the load capacity and transmission efficiency of the reducer, or it can be carried out separately. When the speed reducer under test meets the requirements, it reads its rated speed and rated input power. Operating temperature.

2. Determination of ambient temperature

Place the thermometer 1.5m away from the surface of the DC motor to be tested. The height of the thermometer is from the ground and the axis of the reducer. The thermometer should be placed away from the external radiant heat and airflow. Reading with the operating temperature value should be performed simultaneously.

The application of cheap Paper Shredder Gear Motor is very extensive, the operation is very simple, in order to better use and maintain it, its temperature should be controlled well, I hope the above knowledge can bring convenience to everyone.


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