Three Types Of Motors Have Safety Hazards

- Oct 24, 2018-

Three types of motors have safety hazards

Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine notified the results of the national supervision and inspection of the quality of three-phase asynchronous motors. The products of the three enterprises in our province were criticized by the nation for their safety risks.

The AQSIQ in the 18 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government of Anhui Province randomly selected 112 kinds of three-phase asynchronous motor products produced by 112 enterprises, and tested 15 indicators such as product mark, protective grounding device, wiring device and wiring diagram of wiring signs. The spot check found that 31 products did not meet the standard. Among them, the enterprises and products exposed in our province are: ATC brand three-phase asynchronous motor produced by Taihu County Motor Co., Ltd. in April this year, with specifications of Y90L-4 and 1.5kW; Chizhou Yangfan Micromotor Co., Ltd. 4 The monthly production, specification model is Y2-132M-4, 7.5kW three-phase asynchronous motor; Luan Pioneer Motor Co., Ltd. produced in April this year, the specification model is Y132M-4, 7.5kW LAXF brand three-phase asynchronous motor.

The test results show that the above three products are listed in the quality black list due to the failure of some safety indicators such as wiring diagram wiring diagram (error of the first end of the motor winding), rotation direction, vibration measurement, lead protection, and heat test.


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