Tissue Manufacturer Benefits From Upgrade To Unidrive M

- Nov 13, 2018-

Tissue manufacturer benefits from upgrade to Unidrive M

A leading manufacturer of tissue and paper consumer products, has upgraded to ControlTechniques' UnidriveM drive.

Headquartered in Pocari, Italy, SoffassSpA is a member of the Sofidel Group. The company produces a range of products, including Regina branded products, as well as a wide range of other products targeting the global consumer paper market. These products include toilet paper, kitchen towels, napkins, paper tablecloths, handkerchiefs, facial tissues, and medical and industrial paper sheets.

The company is a long-time user of ControlTechniques variable frequency drives. However, as mature products such as CommanderSK and UnidriveSP move to the next stage of their lifecycle, the benefits of UnidriveM, the industry's AC drive upgrade to the latest technology, are evident.

UnidriveM is able to completely replace and improve the installation of CommanderSK and UnidriveSP. It provides full mechanical compatibility in terms of size and weight, and when replacing surface mount drives, existing mounting holes can be reused without the need for additional drilling. In addition, UnidriveM offers the same power and control wiring with the same menu and parameter structure. In fact, parameters can be transferred from UnidriveSP and CommanderSK using UnidriveMConnect software or via smart cards (UnidriveSP only).

The Soffass maintenance management team, led by GiulianoDinelli (maintenance manager) and LucaManfredini (electrical engineer), is passionate about using the new features offered by UnidriveM, thanks to many key design features that can be completed quickly and easily.

“We used the CommanderSK and UnidriveSP drives and the SM-Applications and SM-Safety option modules. Even if we know that these products will continue to receive support for at least the next 10 years, we think this is an excellent opportunity to adopt UnidriveM fully. Take advantage of its capabilities," said Giuliano Dinelli, maintenance manager at Soffass. "This upgrade, we now use the Unidrive M200 drive for asynchronous motor control of the conveyor belt, and the Unidrive M700 drive for the rest of the equipment application."

One of UnidriveM's main uses at Soffass is the embossing machine – which matches the multiple toilet papers together to make the final product thicker and softer. The drive also controls the printing unit, as well as the winder/unwinder, which supplies material for the subsequent stages of the process.

“We rely on the UnidriveM platform and have many advantages that drive us to upgrade, especially as it reduces programming, setup, debugging and cabling,” said Dinelli. “In addition, we like synchronous Ethernet, onboard AMC and multi-protocol encoders. Technical highlights such as connectors. This multi-axis system with multiple controllers is a perfect fit for our processing machines in Bokari. Overall, we have now purchased about 100 UnidriveM drives from Emerson. ”

Due to the success of this upgrade program, Soffass is now considering using more products from ControlTechniques and its sister company Leroy-Somer in future projects. Specifically, the company has specified the use of permanent magnet (PM) motors because it provides energy savings in facilities such as paper mills, which typically have high power requirements.

“We like ControlTechniques because of its reliable performance and ease of use,” concludes Dinelli. “In addition, ControlTechniques has been supporting us in the design and development of our equipment and responding positively in terms of throughput and budget. Our needs.

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