Transforming Intelligent Manufacturing Service Providers

- Dec 05, 2018-

In the era of intelligent manufacturing, what are the “big things” that Mitsubishi Electric has made to become a smart manufacturing leader?

In the morning, wake up by the intelligent alarmist's exclusive alarm, start a good life of the day, the home environment automatically adjusts the temperature brightness, the smart refrigerator automatically detects the food shelf life, and the sweeping robot replaces the manual cleaning...

Smart manufacturing products are everywhere, making the lives of ordinary people full of possibilities. For enterprises, what can help with smart manufacturing? Today, I will listen to Xiao Jian, the president of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, together with Xiaoling!

In today's world, smart manufacturing is hot, and it has become a major promotion direction for major manufacturing countries. The United States has a "re-industrialization strategy", Germany is "Industry 4.0", Japan is called "Industrial Value Chain", and China has launched "Made in China 2025." Although the formulation is different, the ultimate vision of everyone is the same, but there are differences in the means and methodology for achieving the goals.

"Made in China 2025" takes smart manufacturing as the main direction of strategy. Under the favorable policies, not only will China's leading manufacturing enterprises accelerate their transformation, but foreign advanced enterprises have also joined the ongoing profound changes in China, the world's largest manufacturing country, in an effort to become the leader of smart manufacturing.

As a synonymous company in Japan, Mitsubishi Electric is very optimistic about the development of China's manufacturing industry with the goal of smart manufacturing, and is accelerating the development of smart manufacturing business in China.

1. Transforming intelligent manufacturing service providers

This is the second time that Wang Jian has worked in Mitsubishi Electric Automation. The first time was between 2005 and 2010. In April 2017, Wang Jian became the president of Mitsubishi Electric Automation, focusing on the intelligent manufacturing business in the Chinese market.

Wang Jian told the "World Manager": "The current economic environment and the first time I came to work in China have undergone great changes. At that time, China's manufacturing industry was in the period of rapid development of automation, and now it is a period of great development of intelligent manufacturing. Mitsubishi Motor automation has also evolved from an industrial automation product and solution provider to a smart manufacturing solution provider."

Wang Jian said that in the next term, he will pay more attention to creating value for customers. Since taking office, the company has established an intelligent manufacturing promotion department within the company, and strengthened exchanges and cooperation with governments, research institutes and universities, and actively participated in China's smart manufacturing related projects. In 2017, as one of the first pilot demonstration projects of the National Intelligent Manufacturing of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Intelligent Manufacturing Comprehensive Test Verification Platform of the Institute of Mechanical Industry Instrument and Instrumentation Integrated Technology and Economy (referred to as: Yihe Institute) was completed. Among them, Mitsubishi Electric's eF@ctory personalized custom demonstration production line is the only one in China that can carry out industrial control network, functional safety and information security, intelligent product general technical requirements, energy efficiency assessment and other intelligent manufacturing related basic commonalities and industry application standards. Demonstration production line for research and verification.

Mechanical Industry Instrumentation Comprehensive Technology and Economic Research Institute Intelligent Manufacturing Comprehensive Test Verification Platform Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory Personalized Customized Demonstration Production Line

As a manufacturing company with nearly a hundred years of history and profound technical genes, as early as 2003, Mitsubishi Electric began to propose eF@ctory intelligent manufacturing solutions. After talking with Wang Jian, "World Manager" found that "people" The emphasis and application of "machine collaboration" and "based on the scene" are the two characteristics of Mitsubishi Electric eF@ctory. Wang Jian introduced that eF@ctory integrates automation and IT technology with the goal of improving operations from the production site, giving full play to the synergy between people, machines and IT to achieve flexible production and reduce the total cost of the supply chain and engineering chain. Help companies drive and enable smart manufacturing to create more value.

The Nagoya Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is known as the "mother factory" of Mitsubishi Electric, was the first to introduce eF@ctory, and has now become the "model factory" for Mitsubishi Electric's intelligent manufacturing solutions. Take the "E4 factory" of Nagoya Manufacturing Co., for example. After the factory adopts eF@ctory system and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the production efficiency is further improved and the equipment energy consumption is significantly reduced. Compared with the pre-application system, the energy cost of the factory is reduced by about 30%, and the annual electricity consumption of the production plant is also reduced by 13%.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Machine Manufacturing (Changshu) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changshu Plant), the e-F@ctory model factory in China, is also an example of many Chinese manufacturing companies that are undergoing transformation. The Changshu plant mainly produces servo systems, programmable controllers, man-machine interfaces and other products, and will also produce industrial robots in the future. In order to respond flexibly to the diversification of market demand, to achieve multi-variety variable production, and to shorten delivery time and ensure high quality, Changshu factory was initially planned based on the eF@ctory concept, which not only achieves efficient production, but also fully considers it. Reduce energy consumption.

In addition to actively implementing the eF@ctory solution in itself, Mitsubishi Electric initiated and established eF@ctoryAlliance in 2012, a globally renowned company that combines software vendors, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and component suppliers. Through the "strong cooperation" to provide customers with comprehensive solutions. Currently, e-F@ctoryAlliance has approximately 450 partners worldwide. At the end of 2015, China e-F@ctoryAlliance was officially launched. In just two years, there have been about 100 partners including enterprises and research institutes. Up to now, about 200 companies have become customers of Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory, and more than 7,300 cases have been introduced.

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