Trump Can't Stop Solar PV From Becoming A Global Trend In The Future

- Nov 15, 2018-

Trump can't stop solar PV from becoming a global trend in the future

The election of the new US president has attracted global attention. In the long-awaited call, Trump defeated Hillary by 58 votes and became the new president. Suddenly, the photovoltaic circle has exploded, and the argument that clean energy is dying has spread.

Let us first understand, Trump's attitude towards clean energy!

As a champion of the coal industry, Trump has always been contemptuous of clean energy. After Solyndra, the solar module manufacturer that Obama had supported, declared bankruptcy, Trump ridiculed that the PV industry has a long return on investment and low efficiency. As for the wind energy, the stereotype is deeper, and the power generation economy is not high, and the coastline ecology and landscape are destroyed.

After this understanding, it is true that this new president is not very friendly about clean energy.

But this does not stop the future development of clean energy, especially solar energy!

Global photovoltaic market

In the past 10 years, the global PV market has maintained rapid growth, from 5GW in 2005 to 230GW in 2015. Among them, in the first five years, the PV market was dominated by European and American countries headed by Germany. But in the second half of the year, China, the United States, and Japan later became the top three in the world. According to the forecasts of ITRPV, IRENA and other institutions, the cumulative installed capacity of PV in the world will reach 1750-2250GW in 2025. This is a huge market of up to 2.2 trillion US dollars.

China PV Market

By the end of 2015, China had accumulated a total of 43.18 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation, becoming the largest country in the world in terms of installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation, of which distributed PV was 6.06 million kilowatts (accounting for 14.03%). However, according to the latest "13th Five-Year Plan for Power Development", distributed photovoltaics will reach more than 60 million kilowatts, accounting for nearly 50% of the total.

This signal shows that in the future China PV market, distributed PV will focus on development.

Then why is solar photovoltaic still the future development trend? Because green environmental protection has always been the main theme of global sustainable development!

With the advent of extreme weather in recent years, the ravages of squalor and sandstorms have raged. Environmental issues have increasingly become a problem that cannot be ignored in the world! As the main force of coal energy for many years, it has brought a lot of damage to the global environment. A good industrial economy will surely form a broad and in-depth cluster effect. For example, fat papers all over the world are losing weight, so the industrial economy such as gymnasium, vegetable salad, and low-fat milk will be particularly prosperous. The same is true for photovoltaics. It has changed the long-term energy structure of human beings, cut off the dominance of coal-fired power, and achieved a clean emission standard with zero emissions, so that the entire earth will not be polluted by various gases and harmful substances. How can such a full energy resource not be pursued and utilized?

How much influence does the small photovoltaic panel have on the environment? Yatan can use data to speak! For example, a small distributed power generation system with an installed capacity of 3 kW, with an annual power generation of 3,650 degrees, can generate electricity of 91,250 degrees in 25 years. It is equivalent to saving 36.5 tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 94.9 tons, and reducing sulfur dioxide by 0.8 tons. It is conceivable that when solar photovoltaics propped up the roof of our city, the corresponding sky would be more blue!

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