Unique Way To Locate Small Robots

- Nov 22, 2018-

Unique way to locate small robots

In April 2016, Shen Deshan officially returned to China and became the head of the Drive Product Strategy Planning Department of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd. Prior to this, he had worked for 10 years at Mitsubishi Electric's Japan headquarters and was responsible for the global robotics business. This time, it was transferred back to China. The intention of the headquarters is very clear, that is, the focus is on promoting the development of robots in the Chinese market.

However, for the majority of Chinese users, compared with Mitsubishi Electric's almost all-known PLC, inverter and other products, its robot products do not seem to have such a big reputation. In this regard, Shen Deshan said frankly: "Our robot products officially entered the Chinese market in 2008. Compared with the more famous PLCs, inverters and other products, the starting point of robots in the Chinese market is relatively low, but it also gave us There is a lot of room for growth.” It is reported that the performance of Mitsubishi Electric's automated robot products in the Chinese market has doubled in recent years, which has made Shen Deshan, who has just returned from China to China, full of confidence.

In fact, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has nearly 40 years of experience in developing and producing robots. According to Shen Deshan, as early as 1980, the Japanese robot "first year", Mitsubishi Electric Automation has begun to develop robot products. Since then, Mitsubishi Electric has been aiming at the automation of robot production equipment and the practical use of robotic unit production, and has a high reputation and market share in Japan and Europe and the United States.

Shen Deshan told reporters: "The Mitsubishi Electric Automation Robot has a great feature, which is positioned in the field of vertical multi-joints and horizontal multi-joint small robots with a weight of 20 kg or less. It is well known that robot manufacturers represented by the 'Four Big Family' are more I pay more attention to some large robots, and Mitsubishi Electric Automation has a unique approach, focusing on small robots, which is why Mitsubishi Electric's automated robot products can get a slice of the big-name European and American markets."

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